Anansi Edit


Anansi is a fiend-type monster girl found by Derrick and Lucia while on Graveyard Grasslands, in Lomam. Her appearance is that of a girl wrapped in spiderwebs, her arms are several strands of this material, her face is covered by it too, she wears black shoes, what appears to be her eyebrows are actually her eyes.


Derrick and Lucia find Anansi sleeping while they traverse Graveyard Grasslands, and due to her appearance they think she is a human girl not yet monsterfied who is tied up. While inspecting the scene they are attacked by Miho, and Derrick casts a stone barrier around Anansi to prevent anything from getting to her. After Miho flees the encounter, Anansi is released, reveals she was actually sleeping, and joins the group.

Shortly after, Derrick and Lucia manage to talk Miho into not fighting. It is revealed Miho is friends with Anansi, and thus she joins the group as well.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Anansi appears to not be a very strong monster, she prefers to avoid conflicts whenever possible. Her low stats means she could be killed very easily.

Anansi had a sister while alive, and is currently friends with Miho.

Anansi has a weakness to blunt hits, upon death she would drop an item called silk lasso.

Anansi currently has a loyalty of 60%.


Level Strength Intelligence Dexterity Vitality
10 50 10 20 100


  • Anansi is an original character design suggested by ActivelyAnonymous.
  • She is named after an African folklore spider god.
  • She was originally intended to be the corpse of a girl on the back of a spider, or a girl shaped extra deformation that was hollow and manipulated from the inside, to be a form of puppet lure.