Archadia Edit

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Archadia is a shadow-type monster from LoHaM, she's a tall humanoid figure with typical shadow monster features.


Lucia first encounters Archadia while in LoHaM, Lucia tries talking to her and Archadia seems to think Lucia is a monster just like her, asking her how she got her form to look so original, Archadia mentions an available body becoming available soon and heads to Lexii's house.

Later, Lucia finds Archadia again in Lexii's hallway, she enters Lexii's room, Lucia follows her there and finds her about to posses lexii, Archadia asks Lucia to stay out of her way, but Lucia stays and defends Lexii, Lucia calls the reapers for backup, Archadia extends a dark claw from her wrist and engages hostilities, Lucia attempts to talk Archadia out of fighting, but to no avail, Archadia extends her arm, grabs a dresser and slams it against Lucia and the Reapers, but Lucia dodges it by becoming intangible, Lucia fires one of her conjured bullets at archadia, it emits a gas that does not affect her, Veneri strikes but her attack is deflected, Lucia's ball of fire blasts archadia, landing a hit, the battle continues with Archadia deflecting attacks, conjuring up a shield for defense, later the ball of fire explodes into a blinding light and sharp sound, affecting the reapers but not Archadia and Lucia, suddenly Cujo enters and becomes hostile towards Archadia, the room grows dark, Archadia politely puts the dresser back on its place and leaves.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Archadia can elongate her extremities and reach objects at a long range, she can conjure a dagger and a shield for combat.