Auros Edit


Auros is a ghost monster first encountered in Derrick's home, his appearance is that of a ghost boy wearing pajamas and a sleeping cap with blue fire at the tip, he carries a large sword with a sheath, his eyes are black.


Auros invites himself into Derrick's house and catches Derrick right as he falls asleep, Derrick calls for the reapers and Auros recognizes Derrick as "him", becoming hostile and attacking Derrick, Derrick outmaneuvers Auros by throwing a blanket on him and flees.

Shortly after, Derrick confronts him after gearing up and joining with Mephita to explain to him that there's a better way out of the dream world and that they don't mean harm.

Auros comes in to derrick's room with the group, he's last seen there.

Personality and traitsEdit

Auros can't bear his painful existance in the dream world, he used to believe the way of the land was to kill or be killed, until derrick had a talk with him.

Auros can become invisible, appearing as just a floating sword.


Level Strength Intelligence Dexterity Vitality
27 80 20 50 750