Azriel is Lucas' conjuration. He is the embodiment of the will to protect and confidence in Lucas. He was conjured from the sword and shield plushie Lucas, Alice and Derrick bought after school for Lucas after talking about it over at the sleepover. Azriel is brash and speaks his mind. He has a formal way of speaking, and says that he serves both Lucas and Alice because of Lucas' affection for her. Azriel also stresses profusely that he is a wraith.

Stats Edit

Strength Intelligence Dexterity Vitality
124 43 58 130

Azriel is currently level 7.

Azriel currently has 5 souls.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit


- Knight light (Azriel shines on request giving light to a room)


(At lv2) - Wraith ward (Grants wraith-fire sword and shield to Lucas. If Lucas wields a blade that deals fire damage, it's boosted in damage by x1.2. Should Lucas be attacked by an enemy, Azriel will spawn wraith-fire to negate it. If it was a physical attack (Non weapon) The attacker will be dealt 25% of their own damage )

(At lv6) - Rings of Courage (Grants wraith-forged rings that permanently increase conjuration stat increase upon leveling up)

(At lv10) - Ghastly apparition (Azriel's true form is revealed, large stat boost is granted to Lucas when Azriel envelopes him in his wraith cloak)

Trivia Edit

  • Azriel's design was inspired by Celebrimbor from shadow of Mordor.
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