Bambino is Derrick's Conjuration, created from the poster of the Deer-troll things. He is Derrick's embodiment of power, determination and paranoia. He generally does not talk and he has been described as


fluffy, and assists Derrick.


Strength Intelligence Dexterity Vitality
40 12 12 23

Bambino is currently level 4.

Bambino currently has 2 souls.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

(At lv2) Brave (Lowers Derrick's fear when nearby)
(At lv6) Uncanny demeanor (Monsters may be scared to hit Bambino)
(At lv10) Slumbering Demon (Bambino combines with Derrick, giving him his power, horns and mask.)

Trivia: Edit


Bambino sleeping

Bambino curled up

Bambino sitting

Bambino sitting

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