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Classes are the first half of a Guardian's title. They pertain to how they use their trait and to what extent it may benefit themselves or others. Classes are split into two categories: Commander, and Servant. Commander classes are positions of power, such as a captain, a king, a prince, or a bishop. A servant or underling are positions of assistance, such as a maid, a knight, a scout, or an apprentice. Depending on the style of the Class a Guardian with a Commander class may have Guardians with Servant classes supporting them with their skills.

Commander classes[]


- The Commander class. A prince can only be male and can command and manipulate his trait to do his bidding. He can bring about destruction of his trait or with his trait. .


- The Creator class. A princess can only be female and can manipulate and evolve an area using her trait. She is a fast learner and will be able to use the most out of her trait than any other class.


- The Mediator class. A Priest or Priestess can transform their trait into a medium in which they can control and influence those around them. A priest or Priestess has the potential to influence anyone or anything under their traits limits.

Servant classes[]


- The servant class. A maid can only be female and grants assistance to her respective higher in command. Maids have a very difficult time using their traits at first but develop greatly along side their higher in command.


- The defender class. A knight can be any gender and will do whatever they can with the use of their trait to defend their higher up, unlike the maid class, the knight can operate mostly without the influence of their higher in command.


- The courier class. A messenger can be any gender and has the ability to be able to send and receive information, important items, dangerous warnings, and can venture through dangerous expeditions based on the boundaries of their trait. They can also send or receive their trait to benefit their higher in command.


- The consultant class. An Advisor can be any gender and bears vital information or course of action tips related to their trait. This could prove extremely useful with the right trait for their higher in command.


- The household Guardian Class.A Stewart can only be male from what we currently know.A Stewart can bend and control their Aspect similar to witches in Sburb.The only Stewart we know is the former guardian Uilos.


Some of the former guardian's classes were mentioned by Kalem : Duke, Executioner