Conjurations are beings spawned into existence with the help of their respective Guardian. A new guardian usually creates their conjuration very early on in the beginning of their journey of the dream-scape. All one has to do is find an item or object of interest that belongs to them, and stare at it for a little bit. In a short moment an entity will form based on the Guardians more or less dominant personality and sometimes a bit of a twist to the object in question. Depending on the object, a conjuration may have useful characteristics that may give them an edge while exploring.

Mark of the Beast Edit

Within the story, the conjurations have a strange urge to mark their owner's door(s) with a picture or carving depiction of themselves. The mark cloaks the door as well as a moderate vicinity from it from monsters that pass by to deter them from investigation. It is shown that this mark loses its effect deeper within the dream levels.

The images drawn are always created with a number included within them, though the conjurations themselves seem unaware of the reasons behind the numbers .

The numbers that appear associated with the conjurations are, in order of appareance:

Bambino: 4

Ira: 1

Raziel: 1

Tinkerskull: 6

Hermes: 6

Azriel: 2

It's been revealed by the FFG guardian that "When the Prince and Princess's companions join forces, the value will be key to what comes next.", though the exact meaning of this is not know at this point.


Mark of the beast Bambino

Bambino's mark

Mark of the beast Ira

Ira's mark

Mark of the beast Raziel

Raziel's mark

Mark of the beast Tinkerskull

Tinkerskull's mark

Mark of the beast Hermes

Hermes' mark

Azriel's mark

Azriel's mark