Crust ore Edit


Crust ore is a stone monster found by Lexii, Garry and the reapers in death valley, it's appearance is that of a stone pillar, on it's center there is a small circular face, with etched runes circling it.


Lexii, Garry and the reapers encounter crust ore while traversing death valley, garry approaches it to inspect it, and it seddenly starts moving and becomes hostile, the reapers strike Crust Ore one after the other, it starts preparing a counter attack when Lexii and Tinkerskull strike, Garry warns the group that the next attack will set the counter attack off, the group moves behind crust ore and attacks, causing it to miss its attack, Crust ore attacks again and hits itamie, dazing her, Garry tells the reapers to heal itamie, Crust ore starts preparing another counter attack, Lexii tries toppling over crust ore but ends up hugging it instead, Crust ore states getting a familiar feeling, garreth considers not continuing to fight when crust ore turns its rock appendages into a sharp dagger, Lexii tries stealing the dagger, but she misses and Crust ore stabs her, the reapers keep fighting, Crust ore stabs wynter and she gets petrified, then Wynter gets petrified too, Lexii panics and runs away, the rest of the non-petrified group follows her and they meet Ahn, they go back to the others, Ahn tries to befriend crust ore but fails, Ahn smiles creepily at crust ore and tells it to put the dagger down crust ore seems to be immobilized by this, the group continually strikes crust ore until it dies.

Upon death, Crust ore dropped gold ore, sword of stone, and stone heart

Personality and traitsEdit

Crust ore used to have a friend in the past, who this could have been is unknown, now in its monster form it only wishes to share its affliction and turn others into stone.


Level Strength Intelligence Dexterity Vitality
20 40 12 15 800
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