"Suddenly you are all engulfed in pitch black darkness."

-Daesdyne springs her trap.


Daesdyne as seen with Nightsight

Daesdyne, also known as the "Needle Toothed Rotter", is an extremely powerful monster based within a cave on LOMAM. The cave itself is labyrinthine, making it extremely difficult to traverse for those who do not know the inside. Daesdyne is not a boss monster, but is in fact even more powerful than some of them. Daesdyne is said to contain a "belly full of souls", as a non boss monster, Daesdyne would drop all the souls if defeated.

Daesdyne appears to be a large, grayish white mass of flesh at its top end, with two large gray arms. Its lower end (speculated to be centipede like) is as of yet unseen. A white, mask like face protrudes from the front, topped by black, prehensile hair that is used as a second set of arms. The face itself appears to have hollows for eyes, and its nose is similarly missing. The mouth area is split in a "T"-like formation, leaving skin flaps with broken stitches plastered upon the area until Daesdyne is about to feed, at which point it uses its hair to pull them open and expose its many, yellow, needle like teeth. Below its face is an open incision of skin, allowing part of its spinal cord to be seen.

While out on an excursion to look for shiny things for Ruu, Derrick, Lucia, Ruu, and Ahn (a monster who had decided to accompany them) entered Daesdyne's cave and unexpectedly encountered it. It quickly closed the cave mouth on them, trapping them in darkness and leaving them unable to truly fight, or even so much as see, other than Lucia, who had night vision due to Ira. Before she could actually do anything however, Daesdyne grabbed her by the head, exposed its teeth, and either crushed her head or ate her. Derrick managed to avoid this outcome by going back in time with his time travel bag, averting disaster.

Trivia Edit

  • Before its name was revealed, Daesdyne was briefly known by the observers as "Stitchface".
  • Ahn has encountered Daesdyne before, and lost a "friend" during that incident.
  • Daesdyne was not defeated outside the construct nor inside it, speaking highly of its power.
  • Derrick, before the construct was created, created some sort of tune that was used to safely navigate passage through Daesdyne's cave. He then created a door on the other end with creation stone, nullifying any need to pass through the cave again. As of yet, how this tune went is unknown.
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