Lucidstuck Wiki
Darko "D.T" Tenebris
Guardian Owner Alice Willford
Realm Land of Cruelty and Deception

Darko "D.T" Tenebris is the Realm Attendant for LOCAD. He is the embodiment of sarcasm and deception of Alice. Alice acquired him very early in her childhood around the same time as Derrick acquired Reggie. Alice has never named him, which may be why she explained to Derrick that his name was DT when Derrick should have already known. She then proceeds to tie Darko Tenebris to the initials. DT often refers to Alice as "Master" and speaks to her with utmost respect but condescending to everyone else.

DT along with Reggie and Kalem are Realm Attendants in charge of guiding players and capable of reading monster stats. He is thus separate from Raziel who is Alice's personal conjuration.


Strength Intelligence Dexterity Vitality
30 215 200 100

DT is currently level 6.

DT currently has 2 soul(s).

Skills and Abilities[]

Passive Skills[]

Doppelganger (DT creates clones of himself in which he can speak through without physically being somewhere)
Disguise (DT shape shifts into Alice. His clones can do this as well)
Perception (DT can see detailed information about other beings)

Earned Skills[]

(At lv2) Triple take (When given a weapon, DT can alter its effects to react 3 times as damaging)
(At lv6) Cat Recon (DT can scout an area and report back with his findings)
(At lv10) Sunshine Bell (DT grants Alice his necklace, a thorny metal bell, upon using transforms into a spiked bat)