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Dream Journal

Derrick's Dream Journal is a book used by Derrick to record his lucid dreams. This was suggested by his older sister and has been used to give a synopsis of each Lucid dream.

Dream Journal use[]

Derrick's dream journal has two functions. The first is it acts as an "anchor" in the dream world to keep Derrick's mental perception of reality in a consistent state. When reading the dream journal while sleeping, the words become extremely blurry. This acts as a deterrent to dissuade Derrick from further investigation. However trying to read the blurry text is possible. If the text is recited while in a dream the dream level Derrick is currently on becomes the new baseline until proved otherwise.

The other use of the dream journal as touched on prior is the recording of dreams. Outside of the dreams Derrick has, he continues to pursue an average lifestyle. The synopsis the dream journal gives only covers Derrick's perspective of the dream however. While other dreamers are exploring, the story follows them. Derrick will not investigate the outside realm as to not spoil anything the Observers might have wanted to witness/assist in.

Dream journal logs[]

Below is a list of all of Derrick's dream journal logs to get a gist of the entire story so far.

- Remember the logs do not cover absolutely everything in the story, as it only tells of Derrick's perspective.