While dreaming, The guardians venture throughout the dreamworld with an alternate persona called "Dream selves". Dream selves are spiritual astral projections that is separate from the Guardian's body. While they lucid dream, their sleeping body remains in the spot of slumber while the projection moves about and interacts with other things.

Spirit LinkEdit

Unknown to any of the guardians, there is an invisible link that connects the dreamer's projection to their body. This link keeps the body intact and hidden. While hidden, monsters cannot sense in any form its whereabouts or the location of the projection if near the hidden body. The spirit link must remain fully connected at all times. If the guardian dies the spirit link will become broken and the sleeping body will be vulnerable. Also if the guardian passes too deep into the darkness the spirit link will become weaker and weaker until it is broken, this form of disengagement of the spirit link is much more difficult to correct because of the distance between body and spirit. 

Projection InteractionEdit

The guardians move about the realms as if they were consciously exploring, however one detail unknown to them is that they themselves are spirits like the rest of the denizens of the realms. What separates them from the others is the Spirit Link. Because they are linked to their sleeping body which exists in reality, they are able to use their imagination to bend reality within the realms, such as: Conjuring, Guardian skills, harnessing the power of the Black Creation Stone, etc. This gives them a large advantage over those that wish to harm them, however this does not make the guardians invincible. The guardian's projection can see and feel based on atmosphere, meaning If something is scary, the guardian may feel anxiety. If the guardian is attacked the pain they feel can be crippling if they believe what offends them to be "real". While pain does not carry over to the guardian's body (cuts, broken limbs, blood loss) The feeling and reaction can be as real as experiencing it in real life.