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“Ewwww! What the hell is this crap!!!”

- Veneri, on seeing the Goop Monster for the first time

Hostile Goop Monster

This Monster was found by Veneri on Derrick ’s bathroom, hidden behind the shower curtain

It’s composed of a small humanoid skull floating in transparent green slime in two different tones. 


It was spotted by Veneri once she moved the shower curtains aside and quickly gets out of the tub before she can close them back on it. It starts attacking her immediately, prompting her to call for help . Itamie, Medo Lucia and Ira come to her aid , and after a brief battle it is defeated by Medo and Itamie’s combined attack Black Harvest

Ira takes its soul .

Personality and traits[]

It’s not know if this monster hid inside the tub planning an attack or it was startled into hostility by Veneri finding its hiding place. It’s worth noticing that it attacked Veneri before she could take her Scythe out.

When it becomes hostile it rearranges itself in an upright position with the skull at the top of the head. It attacks by striking with a slime limb .

When it’s on its neutral or defensive state , the skull is hidden within the slime.

To dodge it flattens itself on the ground, leaving the skull on top of the slime. 

The skull seems to be it's weak spot


Name Level Strength Intelligence Dexterity Vitality
Goop Monster Unknown ≥ 17 Unknown Unknown [66,143]



Defensive Goop Monster

Goop Monster Dodges

Goop Monster attacks

Goop Monster in neutral state