Goryuk Edit


Goryuk is a monster found in Lucas' home, it's bizarre appearance consists of a round main body with a large, smiling mouth with yellowed teeth, from the main body portrudes a figure resembling a doll with a stitched mouth and a single eye peering through the hole in the middle, one of its arms is muscly and oversized, while the other is stunted and tiny.

Biography Edit

Lucas finds Goryuk right after exiting his room when he sets out to go to Alice's home, Goryuk asks Lucas to allow it to stay in his home, Lucas gives it permission to stay, goryuk ominously promises Lucas compensation for allowing it to stay.

Later on when Emily visits Lucas, she proposes exorcism to Goryuk and it eagerly accepts,Goryuk is exorcized, leaving the dreamworld in peace.

Personality and traits Edit

Goryuk seemed to be in pain due to its distorted form, it spoke slowly, as if having trouble breathing.