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"So, are you willing to pay?"

- Hallway Monsters 1 and 2


The Hallway Monsters

A pair of monsters that were blocking the stairs on Derrick's house the first night the Observers take control of Derrick, though it's not the first time Derrick himself has met them. As noted on his Dream Journal, he's seen them in a previous dream and did not feel particularly threatened by them despite  the fact they would not let him pass. They seem to be brothers.

Their bodies are identical save for identifying numbers on their chest and seem to consist of a bloodied human torso with an exposed ribcage, metal feet and one single metal arm holding a bloodied english billhook. Their faces are covered by a 'smiley' mask, but the missing chunk of it reveals what seems to be a bare skull underneath.


They seem to have been waiting for Derrick to come back and went as far as to walk right to his bedroom's door, though they did not attempt to enter or were unable to, even before Bambino warded it, possibly because of the lock.

Upon Derrick's return they briefly converse with him before demanding a toll to let him pass. After an attempt to bargain his way through fails, they become hostile and decide to take Derricks blood by force, causing him to run and hide behind Bambino. The sight of the deer-troll creature gives them pause before they engage him in battle, where they are dispatched shortly after

Upon their death the blood they had accumulated on the floor and walls gradually disappeared. Their souls were taken by Bambino. 

Personality and Traits[]

Despite their initial lack of hostility, their friendliness seems forced and took very little for them to reveal their true murderous intentions.  


Name Level Strength Intelligence Dexterity Vitality

Hallway Monsters 1 and 2

(Assuming their stats would be the same)

Unknown ≥ 3 Unknown Unknown [10,15]


  • They seem to be based on the two bullies Derrick faced a few years back, with their speech font matching in color. Since Monsters are the souls of the dead, it is possible that they may have died at some point in the past two years
  • Since Derrick faced them prior to having Reggie in his party, their stats and real title remain unknown in canon, though based on their battle (and assuming they had the same stats), their Vitality must have been above 10 and below 15 points.
  • They are one of the most coherent and talkative monsters faced by this point, and unlike most seem to be more interested in obtaining blood to enhance their appearance rather than taking over Derrick's body,
  • It's mentioned by Derrick that they looked and acted more friendly in a previous dream.

The Bullies the Monsters may be based on