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Lucidstuck from its creation was never planned to be much like Homestuck or the game sburb. Originally I created an adventure using these things more closely and found I was not satisfied in having to check with the original to confirm if aspects of homestuck or the tools in sbrurb were canon and whatnot, so you can consider Lucidstuck original work inspired by what Homestuck was.

You may find some similarities, with homestuck and lucidstuck here. Though I'll doubt you'll find any more than what's here. I consistantly plan events and make up monsters and characters in my own right and would greatly appreciate if this wonderful work of art was not passed because someone couldn't take the time to either read this page. Or see that the AWESOME SPRITES are drawn BY ME and that I actually have TALENT for this sort of thing.

This page will be to keep track of all the Homestuck based things in case anyone is interested. Anyone can add to this page if they feel the need.

Direct concepts[]

Things that are directly from Homestuck.

  • God tier, and it's concept
  • Pesterchum chat client
  • World naming convention (Lomam, Locad, Loham, etc)
  • Art style (MSPaint, specific sprite design is a direct reference to Homestuck... or any other M.S. Paint Adventures)
  • Lil Cal's distant cousin, Lil Mal
  • ...

Inspired twists[]

Things that Homestuck has, but work mostly or completely different.

  • Realm attendants are akin to Kernelsprites in their role of guiding the player
  • Derrick's item combination ability is akin to Alchemy
  • Lunatic mode is akin to Trickster mode
  • Death beds function like Quest beds

Vague references[]

Things that simply remind you or you can relate back to Homestuck.

  • The item Crimson Neon Inches is likely a reference to the Red Miles.
  • Derrick and Lucia have a feelings jam on the dream pile which is a reference to having a feelings jam on the horn pile.