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Kalem the Cookie
Guardian Owner Lexii Daines
Realm Land of Hope and Miracles

Kalem is the Realm attendant for LOHAM. He is based of Lexii's Cookie pillow she's had since a child. Kalem is Lexii's embodiment of hopelessness and realism.


Strength Intelligence Dexterity Vitality
18 44 13 35

Kalem is currently level 2.

Kalem currently has no souls.

Skill and Abilities[]

Passive Skills[]

Perception (Kalem can see detailed information about an entity)

Persuasive Poison (If Kalem makes contact to an entity's mouth(or wound) with a certain success rate, they will temporarily become allies with Lexii and Kalem. If the enemy is killed while inflicted they will drop an exquisite soul)

Earned Skills[]

(At lv2) Tough Cookie ( Lexii can throw Kalem and hurt enemies, Kalem takes no damage and returns back to Lexii's side on her next turn)

(At lv6) Bitter Rush ( Lexii takes a bite into Kalem, Although bad tasting, Kalem grants her a speed boost, enabling attacks in quick succession or easier escapes.)

(At lv10) Cookie Cutter (Kalem transforms into a knife attached to a thread on a wrist brace, Lexii can use Kalem for short or mid ranged attacks with a more effective chance to inflict Kalem's poison on enemies.)