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Charted Loham

The Land of Hope and Miracles', or LOHAM for short is the realm of Lexii Daines, the Messenger of Hope, Garreth Matthews, the Advisor of Doom, and Emily Reed, the Priestess of Affliction. This is one of the more peaceful realms among the three having the majority of its monsters held underground in Faint Glimmer.

This realm has six regions.


Storm-worn Meadow[]

  • Vast hilled praries, filled with lush green grass and soft breeze, has occasional rainstorms ranging from mild to fierce.
  • Home to Uilos.
  • Has a chance of Lumiknights appearing during a rainfall.

Ancient Woods[]

  • Dense forest with colossal trees, extends to unknown lengths.
  • Trees tend to whisper to passerby.
  • Grows darker the further one travels within, glowing mushrooms become more visible.
  • Home to Emily Reed.

Detached Isle[]

  • Small island north of Strom-worn Meadow, has extensive tropical forest with aesthetic flora and fauna.
  • Treacherous sharp and jagged rocks surround the island.
  • Home to Garreth Matthews.
  • Loham's Death beds are located here.

Heart's Scar[]

  • A gigantic ravine that appears like a scar from above, quite deep and dark.
  • Has a hole in its floor where a stream flows through that leads to Faint Glimmer.

Heaven Ascension[]

  • Mountain area that grows steeper the further one ventures through.
  • Home to a discovered monster named Yienna.
  • Snowy, cold and has treacherous drop-offs.

Faint Glimmer[]

  • Deep and dark cavern that exists underground the surface of Loham, houses a large majority of Loham's monsters.
  • Almost all of the monsters within are shadow/dark based.
  • Home to Lexii Daines.
  • Stream flows throughout Faint Glimmer which may help with navigation. The stream flows into an underground pond which is where Uilos' Cabin and the Black Creation Stone are located.