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Charted LOMAM

The Land of Murder and Moonlight, or LOMAM, is the realm of Derrick Willford, the Prince of Fear, and Lucia Morris, the Maid of Dusk. Spread throughout the land are many outposts, which can be used to travel around quicker. The outposts also generally have a guard in them, who will answer questions about LOMAM if their trials can be passed.

There are seven regions in LOMAM.


Trail of Tragedy[]

- barren rocky land with occasional stalagmites, no man's land.

- Contains an outpost with a Transition Gate to LOHAM.

Secret Garden[]

- bathes in moonlight. Small area of land that is the comforting part of LOMAM.

- Derrick lives here.

Dark Abyss[]

- Dark ravine with treasure scattered about, home to many dark creatures.

Forgotten Forest[]

- tall trees and scary monsters, dark, thick mist causes forgetfulness.

- Contains an outpost at its outskirts.

- Lucia lives here.

Misty Marshes[]

- Contains thick mist impairing vision, mud pits and docile gray giants.

- Contains an outpost near its center.

Death Valley[]

- huge peaks with risky treading room, a slip may be fatal.

- Contains an outpost near its entrance from Misty Marshes in a cave with a Transition Gate to LOCAD.

Graveyard Grasslands[]

- overgrown grass with thick mist at ankle level, unknown region with a great monstrosity.

Each area is very large. Some will have outposts to rest in and to serve as fast travel points.