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Mephita is a poison-type monster first encountered in lomam, she has two forms, one of them resembles an egg and the other one has the shape of a human girl

Egg MephitaEdit



Mephita's first form has the appearance of a rotten egg shaped creature with a huge smiling, poison salivating mouth and no eyes.

Girl MephitaEdit


human mephita

After taking sufficient damage egg mephita cracks open and reveals what appears to be a human girl inside, she wears a tattered, worn out dress, shoes, a hairclip and a beret, all green in coloration, her eyes appear to glow and her hair is long.


Mephita is first found by lucia on Derrick's kitchen , Lucia flees from the encounter, later on Lucia confronts Mephita again, this time with company the group attacks Mephita, Kalem strikes her in the mouth, poisoning mephita and allowing the kids to command her, they have her go into the kitchen to check for the strange prensence in there sensed by Ira, it turns out to be Zendo, when Mephita returns from scouting Lucia commands the reapers to attack in tandem, causing Mephita's egg shell to crack , revealing her human girl form, she asks about her mother and is expecting her to return, and decides to join the kids in the meantime, the group goes back to Derrick's room to escape from Zendo, while there, Mephita lies down on derrick's bed and starts exhaling noxious gasses, filling derrick's home with the emissions and forcing the kids to escape into the forts.

Later on Lucia and Emily equipped with gas masks venture into Derrick's gas infested home to solve the problem, they are about to take mephita out on a trip to find her "mother" when Emily gets the clever idea to make an inverse gas mask for Mephita, this device breathes in toxic gas and exhalates clean air, purifying Derrick's house.

Mephita next appears after Derrick has a run in with auros, she helps him convince Auros that he means no harm and that there's a different way to get out of the dream world with Emily's powers, Mephita is last seen when Derrick has Itamie escort her to meet the other reaper kids.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Mehita's first form has an unremarkable hostile monster personality, wanting nothing but to harm the kids, Human form Mephita has a docile / neutral demeanor, only wanting to see her mother again and entrusting herself to the care of the dreamers, when mephita sleeps she exhales toxic gasses, while Mephita wears clarity mask these gasses are condensed into a solid crystal called Mephium, this material is highly explosive, any item crafted from it will become a bomb.


Name Level Strength Intelligence Dexterity Vitality
Egg form 23 55 20 15 370
Human form 30 120 100 90 550


  • Mephita's name appears to be a derivation of Mephitidae it's the family of mamals comprising skunks and stink badgers, they are well known for their use of foul smells to deter predators.