Miander is a shadow-type monster found in LoMaM's Death Valley, it possesses typical shadow-type monster appearance, dark skin with light holes throughout its body. Miander stands out thanks to the rocks indented in it's body. Its arms end with two towering rock pillars, its tail ends with a hammer shaped rock, its body is round and has a stone mask on its face.


Miander is Encountered by Emily and the reapers while traversing Death Valley to go to Daesdyne's cave in order to reach Graveyard Grasslands. Derrick and Lucia later join in and trade some blows with Miander. Miander kills Ira with one hit. Shortly after Itamie arrives with new gear, enabling the group to overwhelm Miander with a plethora of attacks. Emily then proposes Miander an alternative way out of the dreamworld. Miander accepts to be Exorcized and leaves the dream world in peace, leaving behind an item called Miander's might.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Miander appeared to be proud of its strength, dealing heavy blows to the kids, which they had to heal quickly or else not last very long.

Miander relied on pure brute strength, attacking and also blocking with its tail and arms.


Level Strength Intelligence Dexterity Vitality
30 200 50 50 1000


  • The word miander means to wander or cruise without direction.