Miho Edit

Cat hoe

Miho is a beast-type catgirl monster encountered in Graveyard Grasslands. She has green glowing eyes, light blue-ish hair, cat ears and a tail. She wears a leather jacket, a green top, cargo pants and black shoes.

Biography Edit

Miho attacks Derrick and Lucia while they were approaching a sleeping Anansi, she throws three daggers at them, but Iris catches them, Miho vanishes.

Shortly later, Miho strikes again, she attempts to attack Alice with a sword but she parries the attack somehow, Miho throws daggers but misses again.

Shortly after, Derrick and Lucia proceed to set up the holographic projector for communicating with Lethos, Miho confronts them again, but Derrick and Lucia talk her out of fighting, Miho joins the group and reunites with her friend Anansi.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Shadow ho

Miho is very fast, moving faster than the kids (except Alice for some reason) can perceive. Her jacket has the ability to coat her in a shadow form when she zips it up, she can conjure weapons like throwable daggers and swords that vanish shortly after use.

Miho is territorial, hunting any "realm crossers" who would dare enter her domains, she's friends with Anansi.

Miho's weakness is to become wet.

Upon death she would drop an item called Miho's shadow claws.

Miho has a second form unseen as of yet.

Miho currently has 40% loyalty.


Level Strength Intelligence Dexterity Vitality
27 50 30 1000 750


  • Miho is an original character submitted by FacetheLight as a monster, she's more regularly known as Asane.