"You move closer to the candle, the thing starts moving towards you for some reason..! "

- Lucia faces the One eyed creature

One eyed monster

The One eyed creature

This monster is seen for the first time by Lucia, after she goes 12 levels deep into the darkness to rescue Derrick from Vorrus .

It seems to be a little taller than Lucia or Derrick in height, but easily spans a good portion of Derrick’s hallway in length.  It’s composed of a dark oblong body with a large red eye on the center of its face and four pairs of three-toed feet.

There are thin creases on its face under its eye that resemble a smile, but it’s unknown if they are an actual mouth or not.


The one eye creature seems to have been lurking on the hallway leading to Derrick’s room and approached Lucia as soon as she came out of the room , but she managed to sidestep it to go downstairs. It was still in the hallway when she returns a few moments later after an unsuccessful face-off with the Dusty Rangers , but she managed to evade it again and make it back to Derrick’s room safely. 

It’s seen again after Derrick goes 12 levels deep into the darkness to train himself. It is initially seen moving away from Derrick, but it reappears later when the Dusty Rangers have Derrick cornered in a tight spot .

After using his time in ‘Mind’s end’ to concoct a plan, Derrick wounds the One Eyed Creature , who is stunned by the pain and remains in place long enough for Derrick to shift the couch, causing an onslaught of bullets to rain on it and kill it. 

Bambino takes its soul.

Personality and TraitsEdit

It seems to be able to notice ‘invisible’ characters, though considering it did not actually attack Lucia, it may just be able to vaguely sense their location or has a limited perception of them.

Despite its many legs it doesn’t seem to be particularly fast, though it may be noted that it was never engaged in a fight before being killed, so it was never seen in its hostile state.

It seems to be very silent, able to skitter around in the dark without Derrick noticing despite it only being a few feet away from him, and making no noise even after being wounded


Name Level Strength Intelligence Dexterity Vitality
One Eyed Creature Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown ≥309


  • It’s possible that it may have been absconding from Derrick after he defeated the creature in this page, since it never made an attempt to attack him despite him being practically blind and having had opportunity before he turned on the light.
  •  It may have been the source of the blood on the floor seen in this page
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