One of the unique concepts about Lucidstuck is the Fort and Outpost Networks. While innocently creating forts as past time for children in real life, they become places of safety while in the dreamworld. Capable of keeping out any who are not welcome from entering.


Each of the Guardians can have a Fort that they built or deem as such in their home. Forts are safehouses used to rest, regroup or strategize. They can also be connected to each other with the use of a Creation Fragment by drawing a door to another person's Fort. A guardian's Fort will have a way of connecting to an Outpost native to that realm, for fast travel.

The Sight Fort, originally called the Hidden Watchtower by the reaper kids is counterintuitively located under Lucia's bed.


Outposts are areas outside the Guaridian's home that provides a safeplace and acts like pseudo acting Fort. Within some Outposts an outpost guard protects it from monsters that pass by. They will give them trials to prove their humanity, if they fail that are swiftly destroyed. The outpost guards provide the Guardians with useful information if they take on their trials, which aid them on their journey.