While in the dreamworld, Derrick and his friends can group up together and form a party. Like other RPG elements in Lucidstuck, a Party is group that can help each other on their travels. Though there are some rules that come with it.

Guardian partiesEdit

Guardian parties are parties comprised of Guardian members and their Individual parties. Within a party there is no particular party leader, as anyone can take lead. As long as a Guardian is within the Guardian party, they have access to the outposts of the other realms, as the outpost guards will recognize the connection. Some guardians bring useful skills to the group as well. Guardians who are not part of the party cannot be freely observed.

Individual PartiesEdit

Individual parties are comprised of a single Guardian and their conjuration, realm attendant, and a monster if added. Individual parties are more of a small traveling group that keep the Guardian a little company while venturing outside their home.

Monster party membersEdit

Monsters can also join Guardian or individual parties, giving them all the benefits as well. However it is suggested that this is not a wise thing to do because monsters are not trustworthy. While in the party, monsters will be immune from outpost guard terminal trials and can access other realms as well.

Quotes on partiesEdit