Adorable pangolin

Piper the pangolin is the embodiment of wisdom and determination in Emily. She supports Emily whole-heartedly in all of her endeavours and loves to have fun. Can get a little rowdy at times.


Strength Intelligence Dexterity Vitality
103 51 61 135

Piper is currently level 4.

Piper currently has 1 soul(s).



One-way rub (Piper's scales both protect herself and hurt enemies that physically damage her. 10% of damage is reduced and dealt back to the attacker)


(At lv2) Lovely kisses (Piper extends out her tongue in the form of a heart which fully heals anyone who's head she's on.)

(At lv6)  Scale Aegis (Piper will Pangolin roll in the way of an incoming attack and deflect or neutralize it.

(At lv10) Pango Plate Protection (Pangolin shape shifts into a lightweight suit of armour for Emily to wear, it also comes with gloves with Pangolin claws attached.