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"They're not annoying! This is my favourite part of the adventure, nothing has been really spoilery. though it's hard to explain everything properly in the story alone."

- intrepidPioneer on the readers' questions.

Starting from end of thread V it has become tradition to use the last few pages as an opportunity for the readers to ask some questions, which iP will then try to answer without giving away too much. Readers often use these questions as a means to gather information to prepare for the dangers ahead, or to get to know the characters or even the author a little better. All information given by iP during these Q&A's can be considered canon.

You can find the start of each Q&A on the MSPA forums here:

- Thread V: Letting in the Sunshine

- Thread VI: The penalty for failure is death

- Thread VII: Life is but a Dream

- Thread VIII: Trapped in a Moment

A transcript of all Q&A sessions (with some additional notes and minor edits for easier reading) can be found below.

Keep in mind that there might be some word-of-god facts mentioned by iP outside these Q&A's, which are not listed here. (But they might be at some point.)

And now that has come to pass! Now there is a section for information given out through Twitch streams beneath all of the Q&A's.

Sadly any information tidbits scattered troughout the forum threads are inaccessible as long as said forums are "Offline for Maintenance". Any links here to the original Q&As or other posts there are broken as well.

Q&A 1: Thread V[]

“Hey guys, so this thread has exploded with chatter, so why not continue it? I'll hold out on the updates in this thread and hold a little Q&A session until it gets maxed out, I'll try to be as non-spoilery as possible so ask away!”

-intrepidPioneer introducing the first Q&A

Post 1[]

RemoteCalamity: How far ahead have you planned?

iP: I know how it ends, you guys are the coal in the train and I've laid out all the tracks.

RemoteCalamity: out of all the ships here, what is your favorite?

iP: Dercia of course!

Post 2[]

Panur: Can I ask, is the 'hair' seen over the reaper's masks their real hair, the shape their real hair had before the nightmarish modifications, their *current* real hair, or part of their masks/costumes? (mostly just want to ask since it seems unlikely they would all be dark-haired, but wanted to be sure)

iP: Though it really is far fetched that they're all black haired, they are. They're based off of a central theme of darkness that's why lucas and Alice have "white/blonde" hair in locad and derrick lucia and the reapers have black.

Post 3[]

McBatman: Is there any angle we're missing when dealing with Alice and Derrick that we haven't really considered before? I know that's kind of spoiler heavy, but I'm honestly stumped with the proper approach to her.

iP: Yes, Alice is a spoiled brat who always gets what she wants, keep in mind.

athenasGuardian: What is the cool down on the use of the riddle/paradox askers?

iP: The cool down is 1 day. I guess you bring this up from FFG running out of riddles with Garreth. When they went to sleep and Lucia talked with FFG it's only been a few hours.

AthenasGuardian: Also, how do the dream guides and familiars communicate? Do they speak telepathically or do they open their mouths to speak?

iP: They actually talk to each other, though they do have a connection that at least keeps them on the same page of their intentions.

Panur: Oooooo, super spoilery question (I guess?), so it's okay if you can't answer, but... It's been kind of maybe a tiiny bit implied some of the reapers know Lucia/Derrick from before- tho if before = real life or before = previous "session", it's hard to tell... The question is, do ALL the reapers know at least one person from the main cast from real life? (doesn't have to be the same for all)

iP: This is spoilery, so I'll keep it a secret but you're on to something.

Heyoceama: This is more of a logic question. If the black creation stone is so invincible why does it degrade so fast?

iP: It is sort of a game mechanic, it's hard to get and doesn't last long. Or you can think of it as a sword in stone perspective, it moves easily one way but is adamant another.(hard to physically break but easy to smear)

Post 4[]

Heyoceama: But if time has no meaning in the dream world and the guardians have no knowledge of whats outside the construct how could they even know what a day is? Let alone when its been one! [In response to the answer from the previous post.]

iP: Checkmate! Chalk that up to author influence.

Post 5[]

AthenasGuardian: Which reaper kid is your favourite? And how relevant are their names to the plot, or do they just sound cool?

iP: My favourite reaper is Wynter just because I have fun when I make her chatlogs, and If I remember correctly, Itamie, Pechal, Medo, Misery, Wynter, Kira, Narren, Bane and Ghen have meaning, the rest just sound cool lol.

Post 6[]

Panur: Is Derrick still going to therapy for anger management? Or under any treatment for his insomnia?

iP: No and no

Panur: Are Garry's glasses for prescription, coolness or a delicate balance of both?

iP: Coolness!

Panur: I'm still catching up on the first thread so hopefully sooner or later I'll be able to not ask repetitive questions, but have the 'game' mechanics been explained so far? For example, I understand that instead of one kiss = one extra life for a dead player, we have Marshmallows, correct? or did I misunderstand?

iP: The marshmallow 1 extra life only applies to Derrick and Alice, Lucia, Garreth, Lucas, and Lexii don't have anything because they're servant classes. This will be resolved with the 7th final dreamer.

Panur: That said, would the marshmallows work for all our kids, or only Derrick, since it's HIS favorite dessert (and Lexii would get a cookie or something, for example?)

iP: Just Alice and Derrick.

Panur: If Bambino/Reggie die, they go to the lowest 'floor' of the dream, and I think it's been stated so would the reapers... But would the 1up marshmallows work on them if that were to happen?

iP: When Realm attendants die they go a floor deeper (die on lv1 stuck on lv2, die on lv 14 stuck on lv 15) Conjurations are stuck on a higher level as long as the current battle takes place, afterwards they will return to their owner. Reapers death is permanent as they are glorified monsters. Marshmallows are for Alice and Derrick only.

Panur: (Also, your profile doesn't seem to specify, and I wanted to know what pronouns we should use with you, if any?)

iP: I'm a male.

jbmiller97: Will there be any time shenanigans? I <3 time shenanigans. :3

iP: Not technical time shenanigans, just perceived time shenanigans.

Post 7[]

Heyoceama: Should Reggie and Bambino (or any of the other conjurations) get stuck on floor 2 or lower could we use Iras mirror thing to bring them back up?


Lucia: Whoa...

Ira: ouo!!!
Lucia: That was really weird. I think I'm going to need to get used to that.
Ira: Although my form appears as a mirror to reflect yourself, it is actually a window into the adjacent blackout dream...!
Ira: The candle to my left will burn red when you are passing downwards...
Ira: The candle to my right will burn green when you are passing upwards...
Lucia: Okay!
Ira: Only you can pass through the levels using me like this, so keep that in mind...

But don't worry, there is a way to get them back, and so far you guys have been doing well!

detrimentalTravesty: Is it possible to mess up so bad the story can get derailed?

iP: Yes, I will crash this train if I have to, to avoid any deus ex cop-outs or author admin powers. So don't die!

FurryKittens: Would you say the actions of us Observers as a whole are fairly predictable, or not?

iP: No, I have no idea what you guys are thinking sometimes lol. Sometimes you say stuff that I never even considered and I'm extremely flexible for a good idea.

FurryKittens: Is there any particular decision we made that really surprised you?

iP: Yes. When I do the 1 or 2 options and you guys come up with a better way, it happens often!

FurryKittens: Overall, do we Observers tend to pick up on more or less things than you expect us to? That is, do we tend to notice everything you put out, or do we tend to overlook lots of stuff that you think should be obvious, or is it somewhere in between?

iP: You guys see the problems straight ahead, but you miss little clues that I hope you don't pick up on, so it can bite you all later lols. If it's obvious you'll notice it. There was only one obvious thing no one noticed that I'd find alarming to a paranoid mind, and it happened long ago, you may find it if you reread a bit. It has to do with derrick feeling a bit wet. [This most likely refers to this page where Derrick wakes up after someone (probably Alice) throws water on him.]

Panur: Can we know, if not the date of birth, at least the zodiacal signs of the main kids?

iP: The only birthdays I know are Derrick and Alice Dec 23. The others I have not thought about... [This would make them Capricorns. Garreth and Lucas' birthdays were later revealed to be July 6 and September 20, making them Cancer and Virgo respectively.]

Panur: Is Lexii her actual name or a nickname? (ex, her name is Alexandra? Alexis?)

iP: Lexii is a short form/nickname for Alexandra

Panur: Does Derrick lock his door in real life? The one to the house, not his actual room.

iP: Yes.

Panur: God tiers apparently exist, but do they work by the mechanics of Homestuck, with death and quest beds being required?

iP: Something to the effect of death is required. as well as a stone slab with the god tier symbol on it. [See God Tier for more information.]

Panur: Just curious, no need to specify who if there actually is... but is there *any* reliable narrator in our whole cast so far? Because we seem to be surrounded by liars, amnesiacs, illusionist and people of questionable accuracy to recollect what happened in the past.

iP: The only reliable narrator is me right now, but that won't be the case in the future.

athenasGuardian: Can Reggie(Moonlight Blade form) be used in a combination, affecting both Reggie and the sword? Or does he count as a Key Item?

iP: It's a bit spoilery, but he can be used in a combination, though he isn't an item so he wouldn't count as a key item.

Post 8[]

Panur: Kinda nerdy quesion, but, where do you get the ideas for the monsters? I found the pupeteer one to be particularly creepy and well thought! The first enemies, the smiley ones were really unsettling as well... The ones in the forest make me think of this gif:

iP: I honestly just make them up from just nowhere, they start off dumb, but I give them more personality the longer they're in the story, and lol that gif is freaky

Panur: Do all monsters bleed red?

iP: Nope!

Panur: If time goes different in different dream levels, would it be possible to, let's say, have character A trip on a shoe in dreamworld 3, then descend to maybe dreamworld 7, remove the shoe and prevent the happening? I don't think it'd work, but wanted to be extra sure.

iP: No, time in the dreamworld is compared to time in real life, in the first level time slows down, but as you press deeper time moves slower and slower in reality, so I can have a 1000 page arc in dreamlevel 13 and a 200 page arc in dreamlevel 9 all in one night!

Panur: Who/what spawns the marshmallows? Lomam itself?

iP: Derrick does. I originally planned to have them scattered about, but since you guys are good at not dying, I'm only going to have him spawn them when he has 0.

Panur: Can you confirm if the paradox/riddle guardians can be influenced (either by a character in a high level tier or by the world they reside in becoming corrupted/infected), or can we trust their knowledge?

iP: Hmm... The world they reside in and a high level character can effect their knowledge. Some will tell you and some won't!

Panur: Would reaching God tier affect the conjurations, or they can just level up by absorving souls?

iP: Yes, they will be affected. and the soul thing will more or less make more sense.

 nonexistentPumpkin: iP what's the policy on recreating living things with the black creation stone?

iP: Hmm, I guess I'll allow it since I did say the creation stone can make anything, but without a soul it will just be a dummy.

nonexistentPumpkin: I suppose I could ask who your favorite conjuration is. Not realm attendants, just conjurations.

iP: My favourite conjuration is Ira!

Post 9[]

martialAcademic: If I arranged it so that Derrick hugged every character I could get him to, would you be mad?

iP: lmao no! I enjoy all of your funny posts though some I cannot do simply because other options are easier to do instead.

 martialAcademic: Bambino said that Ira represented one of Derrick's attributes, and I believe it was said that the Prince chooses his Maid. Are these things linked?

iP: yes

martialAcademic: Bambino has relatively low intelligence but he seems quite composed. Does intelligence not effect cognitive functions too much, or is Bambino's intelligence more reliant on Derrick?

iP: This is only because Reggie is more of Derrick's intelligence why Bambino's stat is much lower, however they are both very intelligent

martialAcademic: Can combination items be recreated by drawing them with black creation stone?

iP: Yes, however they would be considered base items and cannot deconstruct

martialAcademic: Does the way we type things change how characters perceive us? Like if I typed *car crash noises* or *clapping* would they actually hear the effect?

iP: Nope! Only because there are many ways to troll the characters that way.

martialAcademic: Do conditional bullets have more power? Like say, this bullet only has this effect when this thing is present/true.

iP: Yes!

martialAcademic: Do you ship Garreth x Lexii?

iP: Yes!

martialAcademic: Can the outpost guardians answer questions about things that happened before the construct?

iP: No

martialAcademic: Are there beings like the outpost guardians in the other realms?

iP: Yes!

martialAcademic: Are there more marshmallows hiding somewhere? Or maybe a way to get more?

iP: Originally I planned for them to be scattered about, but if Derrick has 0 one will be spawn shortly.

martialAcademic: Are Daydream and the Alice currently with Derrick the same entity?

iP: That's spoilery so I'll have to keep that a secret!

martialAcademic: Are there any items you wish we made or combined, or are there any items you wish we never thought up?iP: Yes! But only one a long time ago. broken chair leg + kitchen knife = Cooking Scythe! And for wish you never thought up, I don't really have any.

Post 10[]

FurryKittens: Do you have any phobias, and if so, do they find their way into Lucidstuck?

iP: Yes, I have a great fear of heights, but I wouldn't say they translate over to Lucidstuck...

FurryKittens: Are numerical things like damage and stats purely arbitrary numbers that work however you want them to, or do they have defined relationships/formulas? For instance, is there some formula that says something like damage for weapon X = Attacker's Strength * 3 - Defender's Dexterity * 2 + N, where N is normally distributed with mean 25, standard deviation 5, and you then determine battle outcomes via random number generation? (Sorry, math person here)

iP: Haha, there is a method to it but it's not very exact. whatever the strength for a person is, is the ballpark for damage so it will dance randomly around that figure critical strikes will be about 30% more damage more or less, and dexterity amount if higher than a person's strength well have a good chance of missing. Intelligence figures give you a ballpark of what they may be susceptible to in regards to wits and traps. and vitality is just the HP. Defensive properties won't be shown on enemies, but they will on character armour. Instead of adding a figure stat like (defense: xx) I did -xx to whatever damage you receive. and + if it's offensive. But yeah, don't take the numbers too seriously

FurryKittens: Have you had any dreams about Lucidstuck?

iP: Yes! though I only dream about Lucia and Alice's pre-construct fighting experience.

FurryKittens: Was that weeping angel poster from like a thousand pages back just a passing reference that we should pay no mind to, or is it physically part of the story/dream world? (Can't/Don't want to say is once again a valid answer here if you prefer to leave us paranoid)

iP:  It WAS relevant, but I lost the file for that room and I had to remake it in which I scrapped the concept of what I had for it. [The room in question was the Old Fort, as seen here. The new version has a door to the Sight Fort instead.]

FurryKittens: Is the Lucidstuck symbol still a thing you intend on using? I seem to recall your initial plans sounded like you were going to include it very immediately.

iP: Yes! Though progress to where I was going to show it is a lot farther than I thought, and with my situation it's not exactly heading there at breakneck speeds..
Here is a better version I got my graphic goddess to make for me. [ Image here.]

Post 11[]

martialAcademic: Why do some combination items lose traits they had with the previous items, even though they didn't have any items ejected?

iP: Some traits get less prominent when combined with certain objects, I might be able to explain more in detail if you have a specific example

martialAcademic: Do people get any kind of bonus or insight on items that they share an aspect with? Like Lucia with darkness items, or Derrick with fear items?

iP: No they don't but that is a good idea for the future!

martialAcademic: If Lucia uses an item besides the kitchen knife would she still get the same sword if she uses Ira, or would it be a different weapon, or maybe the same thing with different stats?

iP: I thought about this a lot, and I decided her shadow weapons will be classified with stats differentiating depending on the base item. so any sword will give her the same shadow sword but with different stats. There are 2 forms to them though, the 2nd being a more enhanced god tier bonus.

martialAcademic: How is Derrick proficient with different types of weapons, when he presumably has no training with them? Is it something like because he made them they work pretty much how he expects them to?

iP: Yes, in real life I don't think he'd be able to wield a weapon gracefully...

martialAcademic: Do the wyverns in Locad look similar to Ruu?

iP: No, if you meet more, they'll vary in almost every aspect

martialAcademic: How likely is it that Lucia will flip out right now? I'd probably be able to tell, but abstract kind of throws my perceptions off.

iP: Lucia has a planned flip out but it's in her favour. Any extensive agitation before may cause a flip out and will not be in her favour and will change the story.

martialAcademic: Is dual wielding a thing that can be done in this story?

iP: As it stands only a single item can be wielded at a time 1h blade 2h blade, gun etc etc however a weapon can be dual blades, or a form of it.

martialAcademic: Can we take parts of items and use them as independent items? For example, the stopwatch from the TIMELY GENTLEMEN'S SET.

iP: Nope! Everything has to stay together

martialAcademic: Whatever happened to that flag from the closet?

iP: .... what flag?

martialAcademic: How do the marks on the door work for deterring monsters? And can they be placed in other areas as well?

iP: The mark of the beast cloaks the door so it appears invisible, but if a monster gets close to it, it becomes more and more visible. It's main purpose is to deter wandering monsters from your location if they're not looking for you.

martialAcademic: Do monsters also have a fear meter?

iP: Yes! but you can't see it.

martialAcademic: Anything we should know about the ability to manipulate the dream world? You can answer to whatever level of spoilertude you prefer.

iP: Well conjuring becomes more flexible, physically changing things in the outside dream world. and even shape shifting! And anything else cool you guys want to see that's fairly reasonable oddSerendipity: Would you ever consider redoing Lucidstuck as a complete, standalone webcomic/comic separate from Homestuck? Conversely, do you have any other works, comics, books, short stories, etc. that you could direct us to? iP: Lucidstuck is my first public story or first actual story I've ever done. And I'm not a writer so I don't have any old stories lying about but I am an artist and I have a dA where you can see all my artworks and stuff. [Warning: this deviantArt page contains some spoilers for Lucidstuck!]

There was a concept long ago that I created called Soul Renegades which is where Derrick and Alice came from, if you feel creepy you may find some old artwork of them on there, but for Lucidstuck I revamped a lot of their aspects. And I don't think I'll host lucidstuck elsewhere or redo it, if I move from mspa I may not get noticed as much as I have now, and there are much more dedicated adventures that are doing way better than me that are still here so I'll ride the waves here with the rest of them. When I'm done Lucidstuck I do have an idea for another adventure that isn't homestuck related at all. The biggest reason why I decided to make lucidstuck in mspa style is because I just love the sprites and I have a lot of fun making rooms. to be honest I don't really understand sburb and the time shenanigans in homestuck to make a sburb adventure anyway.

oddSerendipity: I just finished a reread of the comic, and noticed Wynter saying how she had lucid dreams of LoMaM and the Imagination Plane even before she died. Is that plot-relevant at all? Or (don't know if this is a spoilery question) was she a Guardian when she was alive?

iP: Yes! Wynter was a guardian but her orientation suffered severely as she wasn't at her home with all her property, so she couldn't make a conjuration or have a realm attendant address her. Her being a guardian isn't relevant to the story's future though.

oddSerendipity: Do Locad or Loham have characters similar to the Reaper Kids, groups of dream world denizens who serve one of the guardians?

iP: No Locad and Loham don't have reaper kids, you find out why they were gathered personally in the reaper arc by their leader.

oddSerendipity: Any good webcomic recommendations?

iP: Megatokyo. That series was the reason I started drawing and was where much of my inspiration came from to branch off and become where I am now.

Post 12[]

melonLord: Is that odd cal-like doll Derrick found in his closet that one time still relevant?

iP: Yes, it leads to a plot and character development later on, There is so much things to tap into but at the rate I'm going now it seems like things get less and less relevant, but they are still important. [The doll first appears here. See Little Mal for more information.]

melonLord: Does trying to phrase our commands like the character's thoughts actually do anything in terms of keeping them from "noticing" us, or will they eventually become aware anyway over time simply by us giving them commands?

iP: Yes, they only start to "notice" something strange when they have reason to believe they wouldn't normally say something or do something or if something is messing with the construct.

Panur: Do you have any voice headcanons for at least Ira, Bambino and Reggie?

iP: Nope! and if I did I wouldn't know who if they existed.

Panur: It's kind of been confirmed that the kids don't physically look the same to the conjurations than to what us 'observers' see them as, or what the kids see themselves as... But what about monsters?

iP: To monsters the kids look like normal kids, but I'm curious why you think that's confirmed...

Panur: What were Lucia and Derrick's original names when you created them/before we named them?

iP: Lucia was not created before Lucidstuck, I designed her nameless and gave you guys sole right to name her. Derrick was known as Nightmare and didn't have a real name either. (Spoilers??)

Panur: Is there any way to get Vorrus' soul back?

iP: Not as the exact same entity. Although she died and isn't relevant anymore, in a way she does get revived.

Panur: Does dream!Reggie feel the same as rl Reggie? (aka, like a plushy)

iP: Yes!

Panur: Do Monster's respawn?

iP: When a monster dies and its soul is collected it's gone forever, but new monsters do spawn. Panur: Are all monsters from outside the worlds, or are some that occur naturally? (for example, I'm not 100% sure Ruu's a reflection from 'rl') iP: They're all from outside worlds, it's just some enter at any stage of their life. (before birth, natural death)

Panur: What happens if a dead-monster soul doesn't get claimed? It just stays there, eventually respawns or disappears after a moment?

iP: Souls will remain where they were until someone takes it.

Panur: We know derrick and Lucia have a fear meter, but do Alice, Garry, Lexii and Lucas? If so, does it affect their stats? (I imagine it would, but not precisely for their advantage...)

iP: Nope! I'm surprised you noticed too. There is a reason for that though that gets expanded on more later.

Panur: Do you have a scale in regards of kids vs. Conjurations/attendants size? I think Bambino is like, a bit less than double the size of the kids, but he still fits in bed, tho he's all curled up...?

iP: Hmm. Derrick is around 5'7 Lucia is 5'3 Bambino is around 7 or 8, Reggie is around 2" or so. These are rough estimates to give you a ball park. All the reapers are shorter than Derrick but not shorter than Lucia.

Panur: What did Lucas score in his math exam? XD

iP: Lol he failed it. I think I imagined him getting like 40% or something.

Panur: What year is it in Lucidstuck universe?

iP: 20xx for real life reference reasons. Exact dates would be subject to conflicts on certain dates pertaining to whatever people decide to question. So it's just generalized.

Panur: Is Raziel really so cuddly/soft looking ? I find odd that so far only Alice and Derrick thought it was cute (if creepy, in Derrick's case), when everyone else just thought it looked creepy.

iP: Yeah he's super soft! Everyone is freaked out by him because of how he behaves so they wouldn't know.

Panur: Where is irl Alice (the one at the sleepover) hiding a real size hatchett??

iP: That's a secret!

Panur: Were there more than the 12 current reapers and they got offed before comic started/we got to see them? < : (

iP: Nope, 12 reapers from start to present.

royalPawn: Do you have a NOTP for your characters?

iP: Probably Alicus.

royalPawn: Are you actually using these lists, or do you just go "hey I like that one" as you're reading the posts? [When nearing the end of a thread readers can post suggestions for the next thread's title, which reader royalPawn collects in lists for ease of access.]

iP: Yes! You know I haven't thanked you for taking time to organize those last time you made them, I was just about to look for that link! I know it's a wide range to choose from, but the clever/ plot relevant titles are usually the ones I pick, so no hard feelings!

royalPawn: Will the kids' parents play any role in the story?

iP: Nope!

royalPawn: How many threads do you expect us to fill before reaching the planned ending?

iP: I have no idea! I imagine getting more than 10 threads though.

nonexistentPumpkin: Is there a way to control how much Lucas's Spotlight ability affects the target? I'd like to try it on Ruu and some of the reapers, but I don't want to break their brains with the sudden return of memories and/or send Ruu into rage mode.

iP: Yes, you can be subtle, bold, rude, or sympathetic when using spot like any they all have a different effect on how much or how little the remember their old selves/realize what they've become. this can be dangerous.

nonexistentPumpkin: Further along those lines, would using Spotlight on reapers get us an angry visit from Nightmare?

iP: Nope!

Post 13[]

The One Guy: So does this take place in the future relative to us, or roughly the present?

iP: Hmm, I'd say a bit in the future relative to us.

Post 14[]

sparkingLife: How hard is it for us to get Ruu to turn on us?

iP: there are 3 ways I have planned for that, one has to do with disturbing her napnaps, one has to do with her love of shiny items, and 1 Alice will trigger intentionally if left unchecked.

Post 15[]

The One Guy: So short enough into the future to not have futuristic technology, but long enough into the future for something major to have happened in the out of construct waking world without the current state of our world to be able to contradict things, got it. ...I don't know if I'm onto something here or not.

iP: Yes, I'm trying to keep a barrier from real life and the lucidstuck universe, in which I don't step on my own toes.

Post 16[]

Phoenix Wright: How did Derrick get from LoMaM to LoHaM in such a short amount of time (10 or so panels?)

iP: The forts are what exist in the realms, the entrance to fort kick-ass in the old fort although being right beside each other can lead to loham and back to locad in a single footstep.

Phoenix Wright: Why do monsters from floor 11 or so (Lucia's rescue) also exist around floor 14 or so (Derrick's training)?

iP: Monsters can wander through dreamworld levels intentionally but mostly unintentionally.

Phoenix Wright: Instead of going down levels, you go up, right?

iP: Yes. Instead of going lower I say going deeper which isn't necessarily going down.

RedPisces: What's the situation with Emily? Is she in a coma, and if so, why haven't we seen her yet? In fact, never mind the coma, why haven't we visited Emily yet?

iP: Emily gets back to school in-story-friday which is 6 in-story-days from today.

RedPisces: What tips can you give to a budding forum adventure maker? What image-editing software would you you recommend, that you can use for free? Would I need to buy a tablet?

iP: Tablet yes, I use a bamboo wacom

It cost around 80 bucks with tax which was around 100, you can get something like it at a computer store or bestbuy or something. I suggest nothing more advanced than the 70 to 80 dollar ones because the huge 700 dollar ones really can't make you any better than you already were... As for programs, use Painttool SAI and PS for gifs, but i lost PS when my computer died but I'm working on getting it back, if you search around on google i'm sure you can find something for free.

RedPisces: Can our commands be tampered with in any way, now or in the future?

iP: Yes...

RedPisces: Are the symbols on the characters' shirts the God Tier symbols?

iP: Nope!

RedPisces: What can we do to avoid Alice betraying us?

iP: I can't say, but it's most likely you already know.

Panur: Can Reggie's ability to read stats be tampered with? I don't mean when it's obscured and we get a bunch of ???? I mean straight on appear much lower/much higher without him being aware it's not accurate.

iP: No

Panur: Who's stronger, Ruu or Raziel?

iP: That's spoilery and subjective, so it will be a secret!

Panur: Ruu mentions Alice smells nice, like a fruit... does that mean Ruu can/does eat fruits, too? Or just likes their smell?

iP: Ruu knows what fruits are, but she doesn't eat them. She does like their smell though

Panur: Does Ruu's humanized form have hair/fur/scales or human skin?

iP: Her skin is human, she wears her dragon skin as a pelt-skirt

Panur: Does her monster form have scales or hair/fur?

iP: She doesn't have scales and she has fur.

Panur: Just random, but I love the fact all characters have different eye designs, is it my impression or are Lucia's sorta asianish, or is she just always half lidded? Alice's are noticeably wider even when she's half lidded.

iP: It's random, I kinda have an anime style to my art so everything is bound to have a touch of asian in them if I can't help it. As it stands all the kids are "raceless" I have no idea what ethnicity any of them would be. 

Panur: Could Ira fly on her own without turning into wings for Lucia to use?

iP: Yes.

Panur: Are we going to go to 'Paprika' levels of wtfness?

iP: Uhm... I'll just say yes to that.

Panur: Does water run in lower levels? There's a river, but we couldn't interact with the pasta, so I wonder, if we wanted to wash someone's hands or something in Derrick's dream bathroom, if that would work.

iP: This is a good question, the outside world from the forts/houses isn't connected to anything worldly, so interaction with the water in the outside world is possible, however interaction within the houses are somewhat connected so water wouldn't be tangible, plus it wouldn't be necessary anyway. (I think)

Panur: What kind of dog was Cujo when alive? A specific breed, or just a dog/dog mix?

iP: .... I'm not sure. I sort of based him off Bec from homestuck, so whatever breed he is they'd be the same.

CrimsonMage: Have we messed up bigtime? I know we're doing sort of alright right now, but were there one or two decisions we made that were just terrible ideas?

iP: No, you're all doing okay!

CrimsonMage: How likely is it that we'll ever get Lucia into the real world?

iP: Lucia's situation is delicate so as long as she doesn't die she will wake up.

CrimsonMage: How difficult would it be to convince Derrick that Alice is a sneaky liar?

iP: Very Difficult

CrimsonMage: Have any past guardians accepted a "contract" with their conjuration like Lucia has been offered? If so, has it ever gone wrong?

iP: Hmm... I haven't planned any pas guardian stories, but presented contracts only go wrong when the guardian thought they were ready for it but weren't.

CrimsonMage: Why is Lexii in the construct?

iP: Spoilery!

CrimsonMage: How do the reaper masks and cloaks protect from getting "monsterified?"

iP: Spoilery!

CrimsonMage: Have any past guardians ever lived to adulthood?

iP: Yes. It's kind of like kids next door. Once you become a certain age you "graduate" and have normal dreams

CrimsonMage: Is there a certain point that being a guardian "stops" without dying? So you can live your life in peace?

iP: Yes, but I haven't thought about it, I will say there is a way to resign though. Actually no, no way out!

CrimsonMage: Will something important happen if we survive to the point that Derrick's guardian comes back?

iP: Yes!

CrimsonMage: Is the rest of LoHaM a lot nicer than what we've seen so far?

iP: Yes!

CrimsonMage: What's the most fun part of making Lucidstuck?

iP: Trolling the readers!

CrimsonMage: [Question omitted.]

iP: Spoilery!

[This question was left out of the quote when responded to and involved a guess of a character's second identity which, judging by the response, can be assumed to be correct. You can find the question here (question 12) but this is of course a fairly mayor spoiler.]

Q&A 2: Thread VI[]

"Okay I'm gunna leave it at that for updates this thread. I'll also open a Q&A session until this one ends, hopefully this gives me some time to do school work for once lols."

-The second Q&A begins

Post 1[]

Panur: is the pic above God Tier Lexii, something like cape Raziel/Ira's multiple clothing but from Hermes/plain armor/other? [The image being referred to can be found here.]

iP: It's like the Raziel cape thing.

Panur: clear our minds (if possible) can Vorrus actually be brought back?

iP: lmao not technically. I eluded to her coming back because she does in a way She's still dead as a character.

Panur: we know the reapers pretty much are already dead, but is there any way to modify their existing reaper outfits to 'show more skin', as to say, or help the ones that have become more monster like to get back their human forms? (we want to see those cutie's faces!)

iP: There is no way as it stands to alter any of their existing clothes, they won't allow it. But you do see them as kids in an intermission.

Panur: Just curious, but is Wynter really enthusiastic about everything or she seems to like like/also like ladies? (hearts for Lucia and Ruu)

iP: lmao how did I elude to Wynter liking girls? I'm honestly curious about that. She is overly enthusiastic about everything.

Panur: Will Gramps be a playable character like the kids are? (or any other adult?)

iP: Nope. All adults are pretty much unseen and mostly unheard in lucidstuck.

Panur: how does monster transformation work in regards of image? (like, do the monsters randomly transform into things, are they hold onto transformation by the kid's perceptions of them -the creep, the hallway monsters-) or it depends on themselves?

iP: it depends on themselves heavily, and the location of which they spawn/appear.

Panur: Will Reggie ever be the Blood Raven?

iP: Yes!

Panur: What's Lucia and Lexii's birth date?

iP: I haven't thought about it, I'll announce it later in the story.

[We do know the birthdays of Alice, Derrick, Lucas and Garreth. See Q&A I, post 7.]

Panur: Is tapioca pudding Lucia's favorite or just what her mom could afford?

iP: It's random. [Lucia's mom got her a whole pack of tapioca pudding for her birthday once.]

Panur: is Ira's mouth an actual mouth doing D:  (what it looks to me) or blunt teeth like her icebat form?

iP: It's her mouth, it emits light like her eyes do and it does seem like a perpetual frowny face haha.

Panur: Does Alice actually like Lexii's writing, ship wise? (does she like yaoi/shounen ai)

iP: Yes. I'm sure all girls have fancied shounen ai/yaoi at some point I would be biased to leave something like that out.

Panur: Is Alice's sewn up jumper/vest/sweater thing the same one we see in her flashback from 8 years ago?

iP: It's a sweater and yes. Good attention to detail there.

Panur: We know Cujo, Archadia, the many eyed serpent thing and Ira are all shadow monsters, but was the derrick Puppeteer one too?

iP: Yes.

Panur: this is more for me and the wikia, but just to confirm, the monster Raziel killed is said to have killed is the one that killed Derrick and was talking over here (the ??? one) and if so, assuming that Alice was right about it having a 'cool' soul, does that mean it was a Boss Monster and is currently dead?

iP: Yes it was a boss monster. If derrick didn't fall for it's trap you would have seen it again later. It's almost like an angler fish but as a shadow creature and hides underground. Because of the events I didn't flesh it out completely so I don't have a name for it.

martialAcademic: What is a good way to train somebody in... god damn, halfway through writing this I forgot a word. I want to say dreamcrafting, like how we tried to get Derrick to make a light sword.

iP: I think you mean conjuring? The characters have to use their guardian specific skills often to develop conjuring. In a way, I think I made it so all skills are reality manipulation in a way which in turn is what conjuring is anyway. Lucia has the greatest conjuration powers as you know because of the bullets. It's not really like a thing that levels up but just an ability that can be used more flexibly.

martialAcademic: If a dreamer dreamcrafts (still forgot that word :[) an item well enough, would it become permanent?

iP: How do you mean? Permanent as in a stone structure that never goes away? That would probably be a God tier thing.

martialAcademic: How might I organize a group hug? Can I just have Lexii or somebody yell "group hug"?

iP: lmao soon. Soon. (one of these days I"ll just draw it)

martialAcademic: Can we make souls, or something close enough to them to level up with, out of black creation stone?

iP: No, that would be cheating. You can make souls, they just wouldn't be absorb-able making them useless.

martialAcademic: Will bolas ever be a thing if I keep suggesting them?

iP: Yes.

martialAcademic: If we ask the outpost guardians about the creepy doll, would they know?

iP: Nope.

martialAcademic: How much do events inside the dream world effect the waking world?

iP: absolutely 0 to normal people/things. But as you know monsters can sometimes be visible to the dreamers and Lucas can just see them sometimes too.

martialAcademic: Can lucid dreamers that aren't guardians of Lomam/Locad/Loham go into them?

iP: No. The way I set it up is similar to Homestuck. In a closed session (realms) only the associated dreamers can access each other's realms. That would be like someone in a closed session doing the Dirk thing all the way into the another session or that 3 year trip going at light speed. It IS possible I suppose, but I wouldn't do it.

Heyoceama: Are the outpost guardians limited by the knowledge of Daydream or would they know things she doesn't?

iP: Limited by Daydream


will there be any way to delevel a character by expelling souls, like expel soul A, G, X from a list from A-Z? I'm asking mostly so we have an about even leveled squad of dreamers. And if so would the soul be exactly the same when absorbed?

iP: No, since that would cause problems with exquisite souls. and losing skills in the process, try and think of it like an mmo

RemoteCalamity: what would DD do if we asked for individual O.I.s for each of us?

iP: I don't know! Well I do lols, You'll have to ask her.

RemoteCalamity: what was your favorite choice we made?

iP: Probably the conjurations.

RemoteCalamity: what was the funniest thing you think happened in the adventure?

iP: The cookie thing lols

Post 2[]

Heyoceama: If its not too spoilery where is Emily in the dream world? Can we at least get a planet? [Realm.]

iP: Emily is in Loham.

Heyoceama: Also do all of the little guardian guys have mind control powers? Reggie has his sword form thing and Kalem has the poison thing.

iP: You mean realm attendants. No. Reggie's sword form mishap from way back when was a premature skill going wrong, Kalem's poison does control its victim for a time yes, and DT doesn't have anything like that either.

Heyoceama: Speaking of Reggie's sword form does it's power grow as Derrick and Reggie do?

iP: Yep!

RemoteCalamity: would the reaper kids drop souls i they died?

iP: Yes, they will be exquisite souls. When teammates or boss monsters die, they drop those types of souls. And if you remember you gain as many souls as that monsters level, so ideally it will be more desirable than grinding on scrubs.

RemoteCalamity: will the person who absorbed Vorrus be able to bring her soul to the surface? as in give basic control to her soul.

iP: No, because that's sort of biased. Who's to say a more malicious monster couldn't do the same thing?

FurryKittens: Since Nightmare presumably can never wake up, would eating a marshmallow be like poison to him, just making him disappear? Or would it just have no effect? If he truly cannot enjoy his favorite snackfood, you are a more magnificently cruel human being than I ever imagined. [:mspa:]

iP: It will have no effect since GT will have no reason to revive. But he may still conjure and eat them if he wants to :P

FurryKittens: What color does Alice's star sweater appear as in universe? I remember it being drawn as yellow once, and we know that blonde humans are symbolically white haired as well in Homestuck lore, but it seems to be drawn white most of the time.

iP: Originally it was and still is beige. When I designed Alice I made it beige, but I didn't like the contrast in respect to Derrick so I made it white, but it's still considered beige in the story. The whole white/yellow thing is a nice illusion touch to her character.

FurryKittens: Any update on the potential merch you mentioned at the start of the thread?

iP: Nope! I'll need more time and talent before I can do anything with it, but the information gathered and enthusiasm is hopeful.

FurryKittens: Are any characters particularly hard or easy to write dialogue for, or are they all about the same?

iP: Hmm.. I'd say the reapers are difficult because there are so many of them and sometimes I confuse their personalities up.

FurryKittens: Do you know the last reaper's name already, or have you not decided?

iP: I named all of the reapers the day I made them. It's just a matter of exposition.

FurryKittens: Is there any importance to Emily and Lexii both having hearts for symbols? If it's too spoilery of course you can skip this one

iP: Yes, when I made them they were opposites when it came to love. Lexii would be the writer of many love tales, always thinking about the next pairing and the black represented the "Forbidden"-ness of her interests because she wrote shounen-ai/yaoi and Emily would be the timid pure of heart, girl that would never think she would fall in love and would be forever alone or something and the slice on her white heart was supposed to symbolize heartache or pain of that timidness.

Panur: I think it's specified somewhere, but I remember Itamie mentioning that Lucia's young at 16.... ALL reapers are/were younger than 16? (also omg, intermission reaper bbs~ <3 <3)

iP: Yes all the reapers are younger than the guardians. It's just they still mature as people, which is why as young children they all speak like humble reserved servants by referring to the guardians as their titles/ the Ms. in front of Lucia's name, and so on.

Panur: is Bambino large enough to ride on? (If so, Veneri must ride it.)

iP: Yes. [This resulted in some awesome fanart by Panur.]

Panur: is Cujo big enough to ride? In your DA pic of him he seems to be (If so, Lexii must ride him)

iP: Yes.

Panur: I'm assuming Lexii's family is fairly well off? (her house is huge and she has two kitchens wtf)

iP: Well yeah, but she's not rich.

Panur: Is Lucas bad in all assignments or is he like me and just is bad at maths, particularly?

iP: Just Math.

Panur: I remember that when Ira was worn by Lucia and when Lexii hugged Cujo, they both mention feeling warmth. Kalem said that it was Cujo's lingering affection and Ira said it was because Lucia was accepting her, so...shadow monsters are NOT inherently warm, I'm assuming? Just when they like you.

iP: That's right!

Panur: to us Ahn looks freakishly different from the kids design, but Lexii didn't seem very phased despite being panicked... does Ahn not look like tallish, shrunken-head thing to the kids?

iP: No, Ahn does not look like a deformed human to them lols, It's just the art transition.

Panur: what. the eff. Does Derrick mean here? 'Come to think of it, when I remembered Lucia at that time, Vorrus was there too...'. Is Derrick talking about the past there, before he saw Lucia for the last time 'alive'?

iP: here Derrick recalled memories of Lucia but wanted to repress them. You can see Vorrus slightly visible off to the side behind the veins.

Panur: apparently you don't eat during dreams and dreamers can't interact with RL objects (like the Lucia + spaghetti incident)...but would it be possible to use things that are already there? I would love for the reapers and Lucia (basically everyone who can't wake up)to be able to chill at Lexii's couch watching DVD's or reading her and Derrick's books ; v ;

iP: You can only do those things in blackout dreams as you are unaware you are dreaming so a lot of the stuff is made up, but in a normal Lucid dream books are unreadable and eating/handling food isn't possible watching movies might be possible, I"ll allow that.

Panur: in the same vein, I'd proposed it before but I'm not 100% sure that it's doable... I remember the broken lamp + Derricks power ? whole lamp, same with the glasses. Under those rules, would it be possible to clean Lucia's house a bit?

iP: Sure! But it won't affect her house in the real world.

Panur: don't worry if it's too spoilery, but I get the feeling Zendo goes easy on Wynter?

iP: Yes lol.

Panur: does Itamie have a bit of a crush on Derrick, or just admiration on her part due to him being the famed prince?

iP: Ennn... Something is happening there, and not just with Itamie either :P

Panur: Are we going to see all the kid's houses eventually? (Lucas and Garry's home need forts, yessssss)

iP: Yes

Panur: Are shadow monsters proportionately heavy? (Like Ira looks fairly large, if not tall, but I get the feeling she/the monsters in general may be actually relatively light?)

iP: I guess it depends, I"m not sure.

Panur: Is the many eyed serpent monster floating or moving like a serpent and slithering around? I wasn't 100% sure, but I think it's the latter [The monster in question is this one, and is thus far not featured on this wiki.]

iP: Slithering

Panur: Is whatever's written in Reggie's blade form the same language as Ruu's markings/what she used to write in front of the doors?

iP: No, it's not really a language It's more of an insignia design that lights up when he's reading monsters in sword form.

Panur: I have the following height chart fleshed out so far, does this ring canon to you?

iP: Yeah, that's about right, I'd say Garreth is the tallest out of everybody though. Lucia's definitely the shortest.

sparkingLife: Where do the reaper names come from? I ask because I'm having trouble keeping track of which is which and it might help.

iP: The origin of the name or who named them? The origin is random, I was kinda going for the felt crew with all sorts of different words in different languages, but some are legit made up or just names in general, and Nightmare named them.

badatnamesbluhbluh: What was up with those two guard monsters at the beginning of the adventure? They shouldn't have been there unless the bullies died in the hospital.

iP: Spoilers :P [See Hallway Monster 1 and 2]

princezz: Wait, so eventually, we'll find out what the reapers look like or at least used to look like without those clothes? (Since they might currently be more monster-looking).

iP: Yes.

jellokrunch: Do you project a timeframe for the arc of this adventure in Construct-days? Like for example do you imagine the story spanning the next 7 days until Grampa gets home? Or like they battle the FinalBoss over summer break sometime?

iP: In story, I don't think it would last until summer, I don't wanna call anything because I never know about these things but another 7 days should put us somewhere climactic.

Post 3[]

Roman_Dude: What would the names for the other kids' god tiers be?

iP: The thing about Nightmare and Daydream is they're the only characters that I created originally and not for lucidstuck. Their original names were nightmare and daydream, I let you guys meddle with the actual names of them. GT derrick is called Nightmare because it was his way of basically becoming a scary mentor to the reapers. And showcased his fear trait, but as you all know, Derrick is timid and easily frightened. Alice dubbed herself as Daydream when she created the construct maybe to coincide better with Nightmare's naming convention and to or to have an alias when she appears in the memories to show some difference in identity when it comes to Alice, but the fact is It's not definite which is part of her mystery. And everyone else just goes by their title.

Roman_Dude: Is Lucia's death bed near Derrick's?

iP: Yes

Roman_Dude: Could we use a feather on Garry's glasses to help him with his advisor-ing (you know, seeing stats and stuff)

iP: Yes

Roman_Dude: Could Cujo turn evil?

iP: Define evil? If you mean malicious and aiming towards hurting one or more of the guardians then yes.

Roman_Dude: If we god-tiered Garry in-construct would that god tier out-of-construct Garry?

iP: No, Garry and everyone else can god tier in construct but it won't carry over.

Roman_Dude: How predictable are we with the commands?

iP: Unpredictable lol. I say I hope Lucia doesn't die because I have no idea if she will or not.

Roman_Dude: Was our meeting with Daydream caused by something we did or something/someone else did?

iP: No, that was a planned event. I have more planned events that will happen. It's was to give you a much larger view of what you're working with/in

Roman_Dude: Who is the most musical of the dreamers?

iP: Hmm... I'd say Alice.

Roman_Dude: If we level him enough would Reggie's sword form be upgraded?

iP: Yes!

Roman_Dude: What sort of music do people listen to?

iP: I don't know... Maybe I"ll develop that later on. [See Q&A III]

Roman_Dude: How are you so good at this?

iP: It's magic... But seriously through experience I will tell you my secret.

  1. DON'T give up. The worst thing that people do with these are hiatus out and never return. I wonder what would happen if I just announced a cancellation out of the blue and never returned?
  2. Work hard on the visuals. I'm not gunna lie, Text adventures/ poorly drawn adventures don't get very popular. Everyone wants to see a pretty picture. I'm not saying any of these poorly drawn adventures/text adventures are bad or not well done, I'm sure some are far better than my own work. But the point is they are overlooked and less sought after. If you suck at drawing I run a furniture sprite thread and there are tonnes of resources on the internet for spriting, I mean you honestly don't need to know how to draw well to make a good adventure now.
  3. Update time. This doesn't mean how often you update, this is specifically about how long it takes you to make an update. like the horror of FLASH PROJECTS a lot of work leads to procrastination, especially if you're not getting paid/ not inclined enough to get it done. When you work with sprites the hard part is fetching/drawing your sprites, once you got that you just move em around your environment and you're off to the races.
  4. Update rate. This IS about how often you update. I started off well because I was single, on summer break, didn't really have trouble in school, didn't work, etc etc. But now all that has changed and to top it off, my laptop crashed months ago and I've been computer hopping ever since with my trusty 1tb external hdd with my lucidstuck baby snugly inside. If I didn't get that folder when I did it would have been indefinite hiatus which leads to the last point.
  5. Back dat shit up! If your computer dies/you lose files/they corrupt/whatever it's game over period. Nothing is worse than redrawing sprites. I've had to do it and I loathed every second because I was already happy with the last one. Buy an external hdd a flash drive/ upload to the internet cloud/ google/ outlook/ whatever back stuff up on a friends computer just don't have it in one spot.

Do all that and you'll easily make a great adventure/be awesome.

Post 4[]

Panur: Kinda creepy, but after the ??? anglerfish-shadow-monster-pretending-to-be-Emily killed Derrick, I remember Skully mentioning she could feel him and that I made her feel hopeful and reggie saying that it was because his body was free for taking- does that mean even conjurations could potentially hijack a dreamer’s body?

iP: No, because the attendants/conjurations are already part of the guardian. They don't have souls either so they couldn't occupy the body anyway

Panur: Do shadow monsters bleed?

iP: No, shadow monsters don't bleed

Panur: Would Bambino bleed red?

iP: Yes he would

Panur: Would DT or Reggie bleed at all?

iP: No lol

Panur: Do the gentle grey giants not see/care about the kids?

iP: They see, they just don't care.

Panur: In regards to the things Bambino can fix (Like Derrick’s door), that is only limited to things that are broken while in dream? So he’d be unable to fix (while in dream) a door that’s broken IRL, correct?

iP: Yes, because it's a dream he could fix the door.

Panur: do all reapers heal only 50 points?

iP Yes, 50 points.

Panur: Can the candle in front of his room be ‘upgraded’ by derrick’s ability? Having a lantern like the one we have Ruu would likely be much more useful.

iP: Yep!

Panur: …Could we command monsters? (i think it was asked before, but I honestly can't remember 100%)

iP: No, I control monsters, you guys control the kids.

Panur: Is there any particular reason Garry won’t take his jacket off?

iP: Garreth doesn't take his jacket off for 2 reasons. 1. He has a knife in there sometimes and 2. He has insecurities about it (which is my excuse to not have to make a whole line of sprites with him not in his jacket :P)

Panur: is there any rooms for forts? (ex: only 1 per kid, unless it’s a joint fort, only 2 per home, and so?) or could we have one fort per room if we wanted to, as long as it was made

iP: 1 fort per kid

Panur: Why couldn't Garry use the reapers call, but they answered to Lexii? (like, is there an actual reason that may or not be spoilery anymore, or they’re just mad at him?)

iP: It wasn't necessarily Lexii only that called them, it only appears that way because she called afterwards and He was sort of teaching her how to use it. It wasn't personal or anything

Panur: kinda weird question, but let’s say that someone dies- can lexii use her prayer for something specific like praying they’ll find their body before any monsters do?

iP: Yes!

Panur: Let’s say a monster successfully hijacks a dreamer’s body, would it be possible to kill the new dreamer/monster and have the dreamer take his body back if he gets to it fast enough?

iP: No, when a monster touches the guardian's vacant body it's pretty much home free for it, and it may never be seen again. WHEN THIS HAPPENS it's impossible to become god tier, The guardian will turn into a monster at some point and may or may not be hostile. This is like game over for the guardian.

Panur: if we remade the time set suit and gave it to Garry, would it work better with his doom powers? (ex: instead of feeling immediate danger, he’d feel it maybe an extra page earlier, or have a better idea what the imminent doom is?)

iP: Ennn... Not exactly, the time suit is used to redo mistakes. If garry perceives mistakes and completely avoids them, he doesn't really need the time suit.

Panur: armor crafting question: I remember Lexii’s jacket being given to Lucia because it was a female article of clothing, but since in general male clothes or plain shirts are considered unisex, would Lexii/Lucia/Alice be able to wear any armor crafted from, let’s say, derrick’s shirts?

iP: Yes.

Post 5[]

Heyoceama: How exactly do the reapers abilities work? Is it an equipment thing, a dream ability, or something else?

iP: The reapers started out as newbies, they were taught skills from Nightmare

Heyoceama: Is there any way to teach the main group how to use the shadow maneuvering and healing and all that?

iP: Well it is possible since the reapers learned them too. But it would have to be taught by nightmare.

Panur: Would the unspeakable horror that was Ira trying to wield Reggie happen if it was hermes or Skully trying to wield him?

iP: No. Remember when Reggie said he was "heavy"? That made him unusable to anyone other than Derrick/Bambino the thing that happened with Ira was like all weapons she gets, she tried to adapt Reggie into her own weapon. His "weight" caused him to overlap Ira and effectively block her out of her own body. This in turn knocked out Lucia's connection with her and caused her great pain. Reggie didn't try and take over her mind, it's just what Ira does.

Panur: could shadow sabre be made smaller, like Shadow-knife size?

iP: No, short blades are not in the cards for Lucia, It's not really a step up from anything. But it would be pretty awesome lol.

Panur: Could Ira hypothetically 'dress' someone else, w/shadow veil or Midnight gown like Lexii or Derrick if it were necessary?

iP: Yes~

Panur: Ira is somewhat weaker in brightly lit places like LOCAD, but does that mean that light also damages her?

iP: No, she's not weaker in bright places, she's stronger in dark places. Bright places she's normal.

Panur: is Archadia a boss monster?

iP: Nope.

Panur: What was Garry's sister's name?

iP: Annabelle. [Spoiler warning! ...Once this becomes an actual link, that is.] I can tell you because it has no relevance on the story in this near future!

Panur: Could DT also triple the amount of creation stones we have, or let's say we make an armor set, can he make other two copies with the exact same stats?

iP: That's not how DT's powers work, When he's given a weapon he shapeshifts the weapon to be 3 times more effective/versatile This item can only be a weapon used by Alice.

Phoenix Wright: Does it matter if we beat the Bosses (Zendo, Ruu, etc.)? Or are they just there for the sake of being there?

iP: Beating boss monsters are very important, I have a system in which you can have the option to permanently pacify a boss monster by doing a sort of dating sim kinda thing to win their trust in which you will be granted the achievement of defeating a boss with something that makes a soul exquisite so you can leave them alone if that's what you were after. The only downfall to this is it may be very difficult/impossible depending on the monster, tedious, and you won't win any loot. But they will no longer try and kill you. This is for boss monsters only.

Phoenix Wright: What are the extent of Alice's (not Daydream's) powers? Are they limited to just sight?

iP: Spoilery.

Phoenix Wright: What's the extent of Daydream's powers?

iP: Very spoilery.

Phoenix Wright: Will Grandpa actually ever be relevant? (It'd be cool if he was)

iP: Parental figures are not important to the story in Lucidstuck

Phoenix Wright: Does a clock work as a super-version of an hourglass (alchemy-wise)? (I'm working under the assumption that it does) If not, would a bigger hourglass have a more of a retcon effect?

iP: Not really, it depends on what you're imagining.

Phoenix Wright: Also, I have a command that I'd like to be automatically input if Derrick ever dies and God-tiers.

>Derrick: You can't die! You're the Hero! No, You're our Hero! Now, rise up and do your duty as the Savior of the Dreaming Dead!

And maybe a flash with that music, too, but maybe that'd be asking too much of iP for a hypothetical situation :P . Still, spoiled as we Homestucks are, we'd want a flash for god-tiering. (Personally, I felt like the Alpha kids' god-tiering was kinda unsatisfying that way.

iP: I would make flashes if I was more comfortable with Flash. I don't have flash anymore so I can't really make anything :P I really would want to make a flash for some kind of God tier rise up epic cutscene.

Phoenix Wright: Do individual components matter in alchemy? Or is the end result just what we expect it to be? For example, if we combined a tissue and a pencil, could we make a flamingo sword of sharp piercing? Or does it have to be within reasonable expectations? (Like a tissue pencil sword)?

(lol, I meant for it to be flaming, but Google spell check got that as "flamingo".)

iP: item combination is heavily influenced by the items used in the combination. This means you can make whatever you want with the properties of the items in question in mind. So I dunno what a tissue + pencil would give you but flaming isn't a property for either item. It wouldn't make a sword either because pencils are not flat. It could make a FLAG with a pencil handle and tissue flag, or a banner or a pencil spear with a tissue holding area for maneuverability or something but along that kind of thinking.

Post 6[]

martialAcademic: Could somebody conjure something that would remain permanently, like if they had used black creation stone?

iP: Oh, yes. permanent conjuring is a power that can be cultivated by any of the dreamers.

martialAcademic: How many boss monsters are there?

iP: There are 3 bosses in each realm. I've already planned them out sorta.

martialAcademic: Who are they? Or at least, who are the ones you can talk about without being spoilery?

iP: Well Zendo and Ruu as you know, I've shown the remaining 2 in Lomam in panels and the last one in the flash from eons ago. Vanity is also a boss monster she will be introduced as such when she confronts the group again. Locad will be revealed when they start exploring over there.

martialAcademic: How do we date them? [:mspa:]

iP: Lol well if you haven't guessed you're already "dating" Ruu right now, but she will still be a problem as long as you don't get the achievement of permanently pacifying her. Basically if you can get a friendly state out of them they will eventually ask for help with something like a "side mission" if you refuse you push them out of their friendly state and they may begin to behave hostile. it sounds like something preferable to do but it may be inconvenient like someone is in trouble but Ruu wants help me something, who do you help?

martialAcademic: If Garry dies in the construct, does he die outside the construct?

iP: if Garry dies in construct 2 things will happen: in construct garry's vacant body will appear as well as out of construct garry's vacant body. in construct Garry will spawn outside of the construct after waking up from a blackout dream scenario and will have to retreat and get his body cleared. Once he does this he may enter the construct again with nightmare's help but not at the same spot, so to you it will appear as if he is no longer with us.

martialAcademic: I forget if this has been asked already, but can the reapers make conjurations as well?

iP: Nope!

martialAcademic: Even if we can't command monsters, can we talk to them?

iP: Nope! Because that would mean you probably could command them somehow.

martialAcademic: If we make a new body for a soul, how much of the original entity will remain?

iP: Hmm.. I would consider new body creations to be somewhat unethical, I assume you're asking if we can bring back a reaper that dies? Because reapers will have exquisite souls it would separate them from normal souls... I mean I guess you could? I don't want to stop a good idea in the making so I won't deny this.

martialAcademic: How much do alterations in the waking world effect alterations in the dream world? Or rather, what limitations are there to said alterations affecting the dream world?

iP: Alterations directly affect the dream world once you leave and come back. Remember when Derrick and Garreth were in Lexii's room and they took her umbrella? when she used it as the support for the fort it disappeared as an item in the dream world. Same with the forts. if someone messes with the forts in the waking world (dismantles it or something) it won't take effect until the dreamer wakes up, sees the change, and sleeps again. The fort will be gone and all the stuff inside that weren't native to the fort will be placed outside of it.

martialAcademic: How much of the internet is usable in the dream world? Can people at least watch youtube?

iP: Why not lmao

martialAcademic: If Derrick learned how to fight with a sword in real life, would that make him better or worse at using one in the dream world?

iP: most likely better

martialAcademic: When a guardian leaves their role through natural or unnatural means, how long does it usually take for a new one to replace them?

iP: It depends, could be instantly right after or years down the road. But there will always be others.

martialAcademic: Have previous guardians god tiered before Derrick did?

iP: Yes, God tier seems appealing to those who enjoy the dream world and with to stay permanently, but they can be killed.

martialAcademic: If we ever encounter the poster entity, could we directly communicate with it?

iP: If you mean "> Poster entity: Hey how are ya" Then no.

martialAcademic: If I got Derrick to eat DT, would you make an achievement sticker for eating every guardian of a land?

iP: Sure, why not lols.

martialAcademic: Theoretically, if we made a giant tent out of the material the reaper kid's cloaks are made out of, could they take off their cloaks while they were inside it while still retaining it's benefits?

iP: ...... I guess so!

martialAcademic: What are the kids favorite meals? Besides marshmallows that is.

iP: So many personal questions I haven't thought about lol, I guess Derrick's would be cereal and Alice would be egg dishes and herb teas, and the rest... not sure yet :P

martialAcademic: Am I asking too many questions?

iP: Nope I suggest you write down questions for times like these cuz of the limited time i do this unlimited questions!

Panur: Would hermes or skully be able to wield Ira?

iP: No, Ira's weapon form is currently exclusive to Lucia.

neferiousNexus: Hey IP, hypothetically, would it be possible to change the nature of the Death Beds so as NOT to erase a person from existence?

iP: Nope! It has to be that way because if people are disappearing like that, it will cause disturbances in the waking world. The act of being "spirited away" is how the dream world stays anonymous and exclusive to the dreamers and the dead.

FurryKittens: Has there ever been anything you really wanted us to command that we didn't?

iP: Not really, if I really wanted something I'd just make it happen with a => as for item combination, im more interested in what you guys can come up with.

FurryKittens: This one might be me totally overthinking the construct, but: We have two Alices, and a pseudo and out of construct Garry. What about the reapers? It seems that Derrick saved them all from becoming monsters out of the construct, and then they were sent in. Does that mean there's another copy of them in the construct turning into monsters since Derrick isn't saving them in this iteration? Could we potentially encounter them as monsters, or even before they mutate completely and save them?

iP: The reapers were gathered after the construct was created, so their influence is 100% not a memory, but a direct manipulation. Everything they do never actually happened. With that many variables it is more than likely Derrick may survive which was Nightmare's reasoning.

FurryKittens: Is monster possession something that happens on contact with an open body, or does it have to be intentional? For example, if one of the reaper kids was guarding a body and accidentally touched it, would there be instant possession?

iP: No, A monster's intention is what makes the difference, so the reapers could carry a vacant guardian's body to their death med to become god tier without possessing them.

FurryKittens: If Lucia were dead (or any other guardian for that matter) could they possess a body in the same way monsters attempt to?

iP: Not yet, they'd have to lose their old memories and wish for life again in the form of some creature with malice within them.

FurryKittens: If you were a monster, what would you be like?

iP: HMMMMMM... Something really really REALLY inconspicuous. I'd be very cautious, and timid. But I would be a very dangerous threat if accosted or cornered, and of course I'd have second form of some kind. And I'd have some kind of power that makes it easy for me to escape.

FurryKittens: Since Derrick supposedly dies at the end of every iteration of the construct and his soul is apparently still intact, does that mean an ordinary attempt to murder the poster monster in the construct will be ineffectual?

iP: That's not right. Because the actual poster entity is in the construct it can be beaten within it.

Jallos: When can we expect the next Daydream intermission and what does the O.I on the effigy's head mean?

iP: You'll have the option after every dream now.

Daydream refers to the observers as the outside influence. O.I

Runemonger: Is Daydream able to alter her own perception of time while dreaming so that she's not essentially in a coma until Nightmare is saved?

iP: Remember, time is an illusion in the dream world and Daydream creates illusions. She doesn't need to alter her own perception of time because she can control it in the construct, nothing outside matters. The construct can be run indefinitely with no effect of Alice's sleeping body.

Post 7[]

Heyoceama: If we were to use the posters that Bambino and the poster entity came from to make something would traits from them be prevalent in the item and could alteration of the posters affect either of the two?

iP: What you make won't affect the either of them. It would mesh as evenly as I could make it I suppose.

Heyoceama: Would there be any way to merge all the conjurations into some sort of super combo robot thing? Bambino the main body, Reggie's blade form, Ira being whatever we make Ira, and Hermes being the armor. And whatever other conjurations we make being also contributing.

iP: Lol no, because that's not how it works. As elements of the owners psyche they can only be manipulated in such a way with themselves or items pertaining to them within reason.

Heyoceama: Could the reapers swap mask just to mess with people?

iP: Yes lol, I don't want to confuse anyone moreso than they already are so I won't do that.

neferiousNexus: Would destroying the Death Beds so as to remove any temptation cause the Realm to destabilize? Would they just respawn after a "time"?

iP: There isn't a way to destroy them in anyone's current state. Elements of the world that are plot relevant are indestructible within reason. The death beds are mildly difficult to reach, so the temptation has to be more than just curious to make it there.

neferiousNexus: Could we create altered copies of them with the effect of just reviving players? I'm thinking of making an item, perhaps a camera, that captures an image of them; Then using a projector powered by Black Creation Stone fragments, materialize a copy with limited attributes, or no attributes at-all.

iP: Creating plot relevant structures or items won't work entirely or at all like they're supposed to. As to keep usefulness to their originals.

neferiousNexus: Speaking of the Creation Stone, does every realm have one? Is it an inherent construct like the Death Beds? Is it a limited quantity, or can it be chipped-away at, ad infinitum?

iP: No, every one realm in a group or realms has one, think of it like the forge in homestuck.

neferiousNexus: Could players somehow absorb their conjurations and use their powers directly? I know Ira offered something similar to Lucia, but with the horrible downside of removing her free will. Can something inverse to that relationship occur, where the Conjuration's limited free-will is removed, and they become a permanently affixed aspect of the player?

iP: Yes they can all do that I'm still debating whether I want this permanent or not.

neferiousNexus: Can the outcome of a God Tier be modified? Not the spirited-away part, just the aesthetics of the emerging being, based on the training and skills the player acquired during the session.

iP: I'm not sure how you could modify it, there are conditions that have to be met before God tier is possible. The dreamer has to be experienced. As daydream said, they all were at the time they just chose not to ascend.

royalPawn: Do the Gentle Giants qualify as monsters? Were they people before as well (and if so what kind of people were they?) or are they more like a feature of the land itself?

iP: Gentle giants are very old people who died unnaturally through illness or accidents. Their will to live again is greatly decreased so they don't assault the guardians but they are very powerful, probably the most powerful non boss monsters in the story.

Q&A 3: Thread VII[]

"Sorry for the long breaks in between the updates, my school file is actually a psd file and I don't have photoshop still so I need to work on getting it for the adventure to continue. I'm going to end updates in this thread to give me lots of time to get it.

In the mean time, commence Q&A session 3!"

-Start of the third Q&A

Post 1[]

Panur: Is Lucas near or far sighted? And how bad is it, like, can he go around without glasses, or will he be half blind?

iP: Lucas is near sighted, so he needs his glasses to see everyday things.

Panur: What about Emily?

iP: Emily is also Near sighted

Panur: Does the fact that previous guardians got killed mean one or more of them may still be around as super monsters?

iP: Yes. ;)

Panur: Do you already know what all the guardian’s god tier outfits will/would look like?

iP: No, I only sorta know what Derrick's is going to be. It will have hint of homestuck but not much.

Panur: What if we fail…? would it be possible to get a second chance from Daydream? I think you said not, but just wanted to be sure

iP: Nope, It will continue until some kind of conclusion is drawn.

Panur: To clarify, us as the observers can currently ONLY speak to/make command for the guardians? Not the conjurations, member parties, reapers, etc? I think we can also command reapers, as I remember doing commands for Medo and Veneri, but not sure how it applies right now…

iP: You guys can give commands to the guardians and their conjurations/realm attendants as well as the reapers. I control the monsters.

Panur: If the unknown entity can influence monsters, could it also influence Conjurations (Ira is a monster type, after all, even tho she lacks a soul), reapers and Boss monsters?

iP: No, conjurations and the reapers are safe.

Panur: Would the beasts from LOMAM be dangerous, depending on their size/diet? Would they leave souls if killed?

iP: im not sure which beast you are referring to. [Panur meant LOHAM, not LOMAM. See Post 3 below.]

Panur: How close are we week-day wise to Derick's guardian returning? I think it was on Friday and is now Monday, right?

iP: 5 days from in-story-monday to friday.

Panur: Do the kids already have a specific day planned for visiting Emily at the Hospital?

iP: No, I believe it was mentioned here:

It will probably be tomorrow or in-story-wednesday.

Panur: How close are we to seeing the reaper kids when-they-were-alive interlude, plot wise?

iP: AT THE RATE I’m going, not really close. But As planned it should be around friday, depending on what you guys get done.

badatnamesbluhbluh: Do the tears Ruu gave us have an additive or multiplicative effect on souls?

iP: I'm not sure I understand the question. Ruu's wyvern tears must be completely used on a single soul only. The single soul will become exquisite and will be worth as many souls as Ruu's level. Which is 72.

badatnamesbluhbluh: Will she still eviscerate us if we wake her up?

iP: No, You are safe from death by Ruu. She will still get mad though.

badatnamesbluhbluh: Can we command her?

iP: No, I do that.

badatnamesbluhbluh: What power level is Daesdyne?

iP: Spoilers, but it is too high to consider fighting.

badatnamesbluhbluh: Either in the in-construct conjurations are different from the real conjurations, or we retroactively decided the conjurations. Is the latter true?

iP: I made it retroactive as this is all just a memory of what happened anyways, with some variables added in.

badatnamesbluhbluh: How much does Nightmare know about our nature?

iP: A lot.

badatnamesbluhbluh: How much do the individual Reapers vary in their monsterness? Does their position on the scale effect how long they can go without their cloaks on?

iP: I don't know. I do not plan on them taking their robes off so the monster aspect of them will never be an issue.

badatnamesbluhbluh: Do the Realms of previous Guardians still exist for souls to enter?

iP: Yes. Though this is unrelated to the story, I like to keep things like that open for Rp potential and stuff.

neferiusNexus: Is monsters popping out of nowhere in the "waking world" a fault of the Construct? Does it have anything to do with Daydream being tired?

iP: Partly. One of the HS parallels to be added is "glitches" in the construct that make the story much more difficult that you may all avoid if you keep up the good work.

neferiusNexus: Have you heard of The World Ends With You? it's game-lore meshes really well with Lucidstuck!

iP: No, but I do remember some fan art a while back that had that skull symbol in there.

neferiusNexus: How good is Garry at League of Legends? Casual or going Pro? Or does he even still play since entering the Construct and fighting for his life in the Dreamworld.

iP: Honestly, I don't know the first thing about league of legends, and personally I don't like it. But part of making my characters diverse is giving them interests that I know nothing about or don't endorse so they're not all secretly "Different aspects" of myself and my interests.

But to answer your question, I would say he used to be pro but has lost touch after being inside the construct.

Dimensional13: Random character trivia: Each of the kids favourite food?

iP: Hmm, Alice is into sweets so, I'd probably say Cake, pie, or some kind of baked good.

Derrick is spaghetti

Lucia likes grain stuff so maybe sweet buns or baked bread.

Lexii, likes to experiment with cooking so maybe something a bit more elaborate like sushi, or shepards pie

Lucas is easily pleased so something simple like take-out(pizza, chinese) or simple homemade sandwiches

Garreth since he mostly made breakfast foods, would like pancakes, waffles or french toast

Emily has not been elaborated on much yet, but she is a fan of fruits so apples, mangoes, things like that.

Dimensional13: In percent, what are the rates of god tiers, deaths and dreamers that move on and stop dreaming?

iP: I'm not sure. I guess I'll give a super rough guestimate. But instead of percent I'll use hypothetical people

2 out of 6 dreamers go god tier (usually 2 because they decided together)

3 out of 7 dreamers die and become possessed.(difficulty)

5 out of 10 dreamers move on and proceed to live a normal life. (either god tiered or died, and possessed)

Dimensional13: Can you tell us something about some other classes and titles that haven't appeared in lucidstuck and probably will never appear?

iP: Sure~

I had ideas for 3 other dreamers

Bandit of Blood - Bandit being a class which entails stealing something from another person in an aggressive fashion, not as graceful as a thief but more of a kill and take afterward. Blood being a trait of control, obedience, and sacrifice. This title would entail a dreamer that turned monsters or guardians potentially into "zombies" temporarily.

Fencer of Dust - Fencer would be a sporty bladesman that entails matching an enemy with the same level of difficulty( or a copycat weapon user) being able to spawn a weapon suitable to be evenly matched for their enemy. Dust trait refers to corrosion over time, and age. This title would grant this dreamer abilities of super time acceleration appropriate to their enemies difficulty (wearing out defenses, area manipulation, dust shape shifting)

King of Oblivion - A King would be a class that hoards its trait and commands it in large quanitities. Oblivion would be an more offensive take on void. Being able to harbour a destructive mindset or take large psychological trauma and release it as "Wasteland" abilities destroying or "deleting" targeted enemies.

But of course, all of that is hypothetical~

Post 2[]

martialAcademic: What are some items that might inherently have a "speed up" or dexterity boosting attribute? I had a couple ideas but didn't like them very much.

iP: Uhm, maybe something like... I dunno best i can think of is a candy bar, or some kind of adreneline injection.

martialAcademic: Can I make a tesseract? I want to use it for an ingredient in some things.

iP: Sure, as long as it's clear what that is lol

martialAcademic: Is Nightmare becoming corrupted because of the circumstances of his god tiering?

iP: Something like that, nice call!

martialAcademic: So... the construct actually does change things retroactively? There's been things said both ways.

iP: Yes and no, there are things you guys made that is the norm, like the conjurations, but relationships are not the same, like with monsters.

martialAcademic: What is the limiting factor to the kids' conjuration abilities? And I mean stuff like Derrick's light sword, not the companions.

iP: God tier, the only one of them that's exceptionally good at conjuring is Alice

martialAcademic: Did you ever decide what kind of music the kids like to listened to?

iP: Yeah I thought about it a bit, I'd say:

Derrick - like's alternative rock

Alice - likes piano instrumentals(classical)

Lexii - likes mainstream male groups (kpop)

Garreth- Likes old school hiphop (not to be mistaken with new age rap)

Lucas - Indie lead female singer bands

Emily - Trance/nightcore

martialAcademic: About how much time had passed relative to the waking world from Derrick's first lucid dream to the creation of the construct?

iP: I'd say just under a month.

martialAcademic: Nightmare amassed the reaper kids and put them into the construct, but they were only assembled after the construct began. So has a great amount of time relative to darkness level 1 passed in the dream world?

iP: Yes, a lot more "time" has passed in the dreamworld than in the waking world (more than several "Months")

martialAcademic: Is Daesdyne a corrupted god tier?

iP: No, but it's nice that you're looking for candidates now XD

martialAcademic: Is Daesdyne subject to the "chunky salsa rule", or alternatively the "certain death" rule? For an example of the latter, if we used a highly potent neurotoxin in high enough doses near her head or another vital part would she die?

iP: The dream mechanics allow the rpg elements to override certain logical factors, however certain powerful monsters are able to override the rpg elements. So in other words, it would not be easy. I have to respond with the monsters in a way that balances the dreamers abilities or the adventure would be a cake walk. So in theory yes, but most likely no.

martialAcademic: And because you peaked my interest, could you tell me Daesdyne's health? Or if nothing else, a ballpark number or level?

iP: Giving stats is spoilery, but it has a lot of hp. Hp is usually relative to the size of a monster. A small monster can have a lot of hp but a large monster will definitely have a lot of hp.

martialAcademic: So, earlier in the adventure Derrick could not put his computer in his inventory. Could he now? If he couldn't, would it be because of size limitations? I assume it's not weight limitations because he picked up the doorstop of eternity.

iP: To clear that up, the inventory is used for items of use ie: weapons and tools, items that are "too big" Are usually deemed as furniture items. It's not the weight it's the "use" Like the computer, it wouldn't be practical bringing an entire desktop around. Or a dresser, or couch or whatever.

martialAcademic: Going back to god tiers, can we give commands to god tiers? What about corrupted god tiers? Or more generally, can we give commands to entities that were formerly guardians?

iP: You can command God tiers, not corrupted one's those would be considered monsters and that's my domain, but past guardian's sure. If you can find any.

martialAcademic: Can we give commands to a monster if it becomes a reaper kid? Or rather, if they get the cloak?

iP: Yes

martialAcademic: If we make a fully automatic firearm, would we be able to actually fire it full auto, or only semi auto? If full auto, the number of bullets would depend of the rate of fire, yes?

iP: I guess semi auto. That's what Derrick's blaze of glory set bonus let's him do. Because it's turn based it would be hard to spray bullets like a full auto gun lols.

martialAcademic: We can use black creation stone to make doors, so can we use it to make other things that wouldn't fit in an inventory, such as shrubbery or a television?

iP: Yes

martialAcademic: Can we mundanely combine items without raising it's tier?Like if we had two tier 4 items, a staff and a knife, could somebody like Lucas fasten them together with some sting and glue to make one tier 4 spear item, or would it be a tier 5 spear item?

iP: Ennnn, It would be so easy to, but I'd say no purely for consistency and to avoid such tier loopholes.

martialAcademic: Can Daydream truly give us control over the O.I.?

iP: Sure~

martialAcademic: What does the O.I. sound like when speaking? And can Daydream change the voice? Because if so, Gilbert Gottfried would be hilarious! Or maybe Morgan Freeman…

iP: I imagine it as a voice scrambler, like those devices that make your voice hard to recognize so it does not sound male or female, but it differs in pitch and tone depending on who talks so there is a noticeable difference.

martialAcademic: Shooting through doors and walls has been done before, so is it possible to break through a wall or door unless it is a locked room, such as Derrick's parents' room? Specifically, could one do so while screaming "OH YEAH"?

iP: Only the doors in their homes can be tampered with, the fort and outpost doors are really like portals in door frames.

martialAcademic: If I were to give someone a louder gun in the dream world, should I also give them hearing protection for firing indoors? Because gunshots are REALLY loud inside, and often lead to temporary deafness in a lot of stronger calibers.

iP: You could, but it would be unnecessary because dream physics.

badatnamesbluhbluh: I was asking if the Tears added soul levels (such as as +15, making a level 1 soul into a level 16 soul) or multiplied soul levels (say it has a modifier of x5, it'd turn a level 5 soul into a level 25 soul).

What if we somehow used her Tears on an exquisite soul over 72?

iP: Lol the item does not multiply or add, it sets. I highly doubt everyone will be in agreement to setting an exquisite soul that's higher than 72 to 72 but if you all collectively decide to, then it will be so.

neferiusNexus: Can Nightmare take on and potentially kill Daesdyne?

iP: Of course

neferiusNexus: Been meaning to ask this one for a while. What are the eye and hair-colours of all the kids? The HS monochrome aesthetic makes it a bit hard to guess sometimes.

iP: The only tricky ones are Derrick and Lucia. Derrick has red eyes and Lucia has violet/lavender everyone else has eye colours that match their text font colour.

Post 3[]

Panur: Would the beasts from LOMAM be dangerous, depending on their size/diet? Would they leave souls if killed? = Bluh, my bad. I meant LOHAM. [This refers to an earlier question. See Post 1 above.]

iP: No, the wildlife in Loham is not dangerous, and they do not need to eat either, they're sort of like... Add ins to make the world look better, but it's pretty much for show.

Panur: Is there always some titled dreamer, and is this person always the one who will be set as rulers of their respective realms by default? (ex: duke, prince, king)

iP: Yes, all the dreamers have titles, and the rulers have those "higher position" titles. At least one of them has to be in a realm.

Panur: what kind of relationship do the realm attendants have with their charges? Are they forced by the mechanics to 'like' them? Like, we know for example that Reggie didn't like the Duke of Disaster, but since at the time he must have morphed into something that acts/thinks to suit him (besides looking like something familiar), did he at the time?

iP: No, you are "forced" to help them when they need it. They're like friends. They don't have to like the dreamer but they usually do based on how their "starting object" was treated.

Panur: What happens to a realm attendant whose guardian dies, but the other person from their realm still exists? would it lose it shape? (ex: Alice gets killed, but Lucas is still there, would DT still look like a kitten?)

iP: The realm attendant will stay the same, when all the dreamers die/ move on, and the new dreamers come in, that's when they reset.

Panur: I'm assuming that in all the potential thousands of years the realms have existed, the realm attendants have all died at some point... how did they get back, or did they at all? did they get replaced? or do the dreamlands reset themselves once all of it's dreamers are gone?

iP: Well there are in-story ways to fix that but yeah, ultimately they will default back down when all is said and done.

Panur: Is it possible for a conjuration to survive without its dreamer?

iP: No, the conjuration will fade into a puff of logic. After possession.

Panur: Would it be potentially possible to craft something kind of like a a sonar that would sense monsters only? if so, would it be triggered by Reaper kids?

iP: Sure, the reaper kids would be hidden on it though

Panur: To confirm, Cujo is not really friendly, right? Just neutral and only because of his allegiance of Lexii, and he could still potentially turn on the other kids on a whim?

iP: Yes, Cujo would be considered neutral because of his allegiance to Lexii.

Panur: What happens to forts once their dreamer is gone? Ex: both alice and derrick die, would that mean that Night fort and Old fort would crumble/case to exist, severing the direct communication between the other realms at the same time? or they continue to exists until after the last dreamer is gone?

iP: Forts will stay as long as they are not changed in real life. Though if all the rulers are gone, their homes will dissappear and the new homes of new dreamers will reappear somewhere in the realms.

Panur: Is the person who gave Alice the letter talking about what happened to Lucia plot relevant?

iP: ... I'm not sure I understand the question. Clarify? [It was the mailman. Answered below in post 4.]

Panur: Do any of the kids have any phobias? I'm not talking about Lucia's fear of ghosts, for example, since she can still function after getting her fill of screeching... I'm assuming if they do it'll be spoilery, but just was curious if one or more did?

iP: No, no one has extreme irrational fears, they just get spooked by things anyone would get spooked at (to some degree)

Panur: Is nightmare the first God tier (or even dreamer) to have been able to successfully stop monstrification like he's done with the reaper children? I'm guessing not, but i do wonder if there are similar beings running around...

iP: Yes. Because no one has thought of monsters as allies(or monsters-to-be)

Panur: Has there been any circumstances where the conjuration has turned against it's dreamer for one reason or another? Or would that be impossible because of the nature of their bond?

iP: Yes, that wouldn't happen because of their relationship

Panur: Have all of the reaper kids 'died' (I'm really not sure all of them are 100% dead, unless Nightmare lied to Narren or she lied to Lucia) in the lapse of time between Lucia's accident and present day?

iP: No, not all of them.

Panur: Speaking of the reaper kids, did you ever directly imply that at least one of them was a traitor beyond the 'don't trust the reaper', or is this one of those headcanons we seem to have repeated so much we have come to consider it a solid?

iP: Yes here:

Derrick: Err, the reapers! Vorrus said not to trust the reaper, is there an imposter or is one of them not who they say they are?

Bambino: ....
Bambino: The children are lost souls gathered together for your benefit.
Bambino: They can be trusted.
Bambino: However one cannot.
Bambino: I haven't met them all myself.

Derrick: About the reapers, you said one cannot be trusted...

Derrick: How do you know that?
Bambino: It's strange, I'm not sure.
Bambino: It may be from you.
Derrick: From me?
Bambino: Yes. You believe one cannot be trusted, so I also believe it as fact.
Derrick: So I can edit your beliefs in a way?
Bambino: Yes.
Bambino: Same way you can think you're weak, and I become weak.
Bambino: What you believe becomes a reality in me.

So really, it will be a trust issue thing when the phrase will have merit.

Panur: Since you are not sure about the God Tier outfits, do you know what the symbol for each of the kids aspect would look like? (fear, dusk, illusion, dawn, doom, hope, whatever emily's is?)

iP: Yes, I made all of them a long time ago.

Dimensional13: Now another question, this time a personal one. And something to think about as an author. (And also because i wanna mindfuck someone really hard right now :'D)

- iP, considering that anything possible that is imaginable in a way will, has and does happen in the endless depths of the multiverse, how does it feel like knowing that somewhere in the endless depths beyond our universe, the Lucidstuck-universe actually exists in the way how it currently happens? That also would mean that, with the broken third wall, you've indirectly opened a way communication to a parrallel universe. How does it feel like thinking about that?

Enjoy the mindblow :'D

iP: Lol but that implies that we live in a multiverse. I see it as a medium in which you can affect through my direct influence(you tell me what to do, and I make it so) Which gives the illusion of "Free choice" for them, but really it depends on whether I will it to be so. Which would make me some kind of deity or God, but since I"m just a person on the internets I believe the deeper question would be if there is someone drawing or animating me to do all these things and we're all in an elaborate masterpiece adventure :notsureifmspa:

royalPawn: Who’s your favorite reaper kid?

iP: Wynter

royalPawn: What’s your top three favorite monsters?

iP: Ruu, Ahn, and daesdyne in that order though subject to change.

royalPawn: What would your guardian title be?

iP: I have no idea lol, probably something like Prince of Feels or something.

royalPawn: If you could make Lucidstuck be any other type of media (film, book, theater, radio, ominous latin chanting, tabletop RPG, ... ) what would you choose? (Huh, I never knew it was 'ominous' and not 'omnious'. Well darn.)

iP: Either game(probably 2player fighter like street fighter or blazeblue) or film like an anime or something because why not, Or live action just to see the people who'd play who.

royalPawn: Will we ever find out what happened to Ahn’s eye/what’s she’s hiding under that blanket (if anything)/what her monster friend was like? ...Ok I guess I’m just asking for more Ahn. Can we have more Ahn? ou\\

iP: Possibly not if she is your friend. [Elaborated on in Post 6, see below.]

royalPawn: Does Alice know how to knit and if yes, what did she make? (Her sweater looks sort of self-made but then again I don't know anything about clothing)

iP: Alice can knit and sew, though if you were to make a sweater you would not have a seam going down the center of your project unless it was for repair.

royalPawn: Are realm attendants always (based on) plushies?

iP: Nope, they can be anything available.

royalPawn: What are the chances of other dreamers coming to LoMaM, LoCaD or LoHaM to explore? (Or, what would the chances be if if that option wouldn't be discarded due to their lack of relevance?)

iP: Very low, because of how the setups are situated there would be no way to get there. Feasibly. [Elaborated on in Post 4 and 5.]

Post 4[]

Panur: sorry, this mysterious hat person. Will this person be plot relevant, or was it just a random someone delivering the message? [In regards to a question from Post 3.]

iP: No that's just the mailman

Panur: Also, i know you said that you made the kids sprites generic and anyone can imagine their body headcanons as wants, but is there any particular body headcanon you may have for them? (like, idk, lucas having freckles or so)

iP: Yes, I usually show it when I draw them in my author arts

Panur: On this line, since Garry is self conscious of his looks, do you think that's because he is (or at least considers himself) too skinny or heavy?

iP: Actually, it's more of a psychological preference that is sort of based on me. (Because I have this thing where I never leave the house without a long sleeve sweater/hoodie even if it's super hot out) I don't know exactly what to call that but yeah.

Panur: On this topic, for personal questions... are there any Lucidstuck crackpairings you like? we know you don't like Alicus and do like Dercia and Garxii, but all of these pairings have at least one sided interest, I'm talking about a pairing you like just because they'd look good or just for the lulz like, idk, LucasxLucia, lexii/emily and so.

iP: Hmm... I dunno, the only weird pairing I ever thought of would be Lexii and Derrick. I just find that such an odd pairing for some reason

Panur: this may sound weird, but do any of the conjurations/attendants smell like anything....? (even something as generic as Bambino smelling like an animal or Reggie like fabric softener?)

iP: I have no idea lmao, most likely something related to their original objects.

Panur: everyone goes about how soft and fluffy Bambino's hair is.... so I'm guessing it'd be something like this of fluffy? Does that mean that a wet Bambino would be much skinnier?

iP: No, Bambino would be about as fluffy as a puppy or something, it's just the hair itself makes him super soft. I might make a project of creating a lifesized Bambino Plushie with this ssuper soft fabric I found at fabric land to recreate the feeling, but it probably would cost a lot of money so in the far off future.

Panur: Does Bambino actually have a face under his mask? I'm asking because I wanted to ask if he would be able to use Night sight, but I'm not entirely sure he has eyes now XD

iP: Bambino does not wear a mask, he has eyes too but they have no pupils, like dead trolls. It's just when he does his shapeshifty thing his face becomes a mask for Derrick.

neferiusNexus: is Cujo considered a boss monster? That-is can he be "redeemed" like Ruu?

iP: Cujo is not a boss monster.

neferiusNexus: Will we be able to control Nightmare when and if he enters the Construct, or would he fall outside our sphere of influence?

iP: No, he will notice you like Daydream does/did. But you can interact with him.

badatnamesbluhbluh: Is this session inherently messed up in any way, or are land corruption and the Unkown Entity par for the course?

iP: No, everyone can affect what happens, so anyone can actually mess it up, but it started off completely winnable and for the record still is. If people start dying then you might find that out yourself.

badatnamesbluhbluh: What happens if we reach the end of the map?

iP: it will progressively get darker until it's pitch black, the map is shown as if a spotlight is over the land. It's not like a planet that is round and loops back.

badatnamesbluhbluh: How come we don't see any monsters-to-be, like the reaper kids before being given their cloaks?

iP: You haven't come across any yet!

The One Guy: What happens to befriended boss monsters when the dreamers move on?

iP: Sadly they stay, and nothing happens to them.

The One Guy: Are the reaper kids from outside the construct and sent in, or are they part of the construct themselves?

iP: They came from outside and were sent in.

The One Guy: Are boss monsters former dreamers?

iP: Not usually, but they can be. corrupt God tiers can even be boss monsters, infact…

The One Guy: Does everyone who dies in the real world end up in a realm as a monster, or only some? If the latter, is there any conditions for this to happen or is it random?

iP: No, it is usually children and very rarely adults. It is random.

The One Guy: Approximately how long does it take for a monster to gain levels? Is it the same for all monsters or does it depend on the monster?

iP: They are catered towards the progression of the story, so essentially, when the guardians get stronger, so do the monsters. It depends on the monster.

The One Guy: Do all god tiers eventually get "corrupted" or are there conditions for that?

iP: There are conditions to it, but eventually yes. Eternity is a long time.

Post 5[]

RemoteCalamity: where are the realms located in relation to each other? has you just said they're not planets, so that leaves the possibilities that they're on one big planet where they can eventually walk to the other realms, or are they on other planes of existence?

iP: They are planes of existences, and they are situated abstractly. Because of this, that means that flight and descending underground will give the same conclusion as walking off the edge of the realms. once you keep going into the darkness, you may stumble upon another realm, Say, Loham, Locad, or an unrelated realm with dreamers doing their own thing. But the chances of that are pretty much 0. Think of it like the 3 year lightspeed void journey just to get to the beta session in hs.

RemoteCalamity: is there anything, and if so what lays beyond the darkness of the map edge?

iP: Beyond the darkness is what is called unknown void. I touched on it somewhere before with the reapers. Basically it's the "stuff" between the realms. It's also where some monsters roam from and how some previous god tiers end up getting lost forever.(Which makes their spot as ruler open)

neferiusNexus: Okay, i know this is probably spoiler territory, but it's probably the most important questions i can ask.

1. Does Nightmare seek to merge with Derrick?

2. If Nightmare merges with Derrick, will he be henceforth unable to wake-up and be forgotten by those in the waking world?

iP: Lol both of those are very spoilery, they will be revealed to all in the plot.

Panur: The question is... if over the X amount of time the dreamlands have existed every so often a couple godtiers appear and if, they can only really be killed by other god tiers or maybe some insanely powered monster, what happenned to them? Also, wouldn't them being god tier make them the rulers of their land for indefinite amount of time? That'd mean it would be a really long period of indeterminate time before new dreamers are brought in?

iP: God tier dreamers who are comfortable with being rulers will be fine, the realm stays under their influence. I made an article about god tiers on the wiki if anyone wants to check it out for a more in depth take on it. Being God tier gives you the power to take care of the realm forever, but that doesn't make it theirs. The true "owners" of the realms are the realm attendants, as they neverleave. A god tier may change their mind or be unfit to rule. As such, the realm attendant makes the call and "leaves" the guardian. The God tier may or may not change shape, but they will be unable to affect the realm in their image as they used to.

Panur: On that line, I wonder, let's say Lucia and derrick die for good, but everyone else is just fine, that means LOMAM is without rulers/dreamers, does that mean new ones will spawn to replace them? or all lands must be empty before that happens?

iP: Yes, Derrick and Lucia will no longer be potential rulers of Lomam, and Reggie will eventually leave them. The transition gates to Locad and Loham will turn into normal slabs of stone, and eventually new dreamers will show up. When they do Lomam will as a realm will be shaped with little things that relate to the new dreamers. Derrick and Lucia's house will fade from the realm but their homes will still be accessible from the forts, just not the outside (like in some sort of pocket in the unknown void.) The new dreamers may or may not eventually meet Derrick and Lucia or they'll turn into monsters or something.

Panur: Did LOHAM, LOCAD an LOMAM always exist under those names/characteristics and dreamers are assigned to them based on their personality and stuff, or do they change to suit the dreamers that come to them?

iP: The name stays the same, but it does change a bit to fit the dreamers present, primarily in the items found about in the world. New dreamers with similar interests will be assigned to the realm, and new realms will be assigned to the transition gates, enough to compensate the need. (if there were more than 2)

Panur: Is it normal for dreamers to know each other, or the choosing is random?

iP: It's normal and common. In Lucidstuck it's set with the people met at school, but none of them knows Emily right now, and only Derrick and Alice knew Lucia. It could be "fate" that Derrick new pretty much everybody, but they could be total strangers. However almost always if a Commander guardian gets an underling, they know who they are.

Panur: There's no heroic/just death equivalent when it comes to Godtiers right? just enough power and they're toast

iP: Yep!

Panur: Can a Godtier kill themselves, or they just turn into a monster?

iP: They will turn into a monster. If they want to die, the ill thoughts will do that to them.

The One Guy: I figured that, I was more curious if they stay friendly to the new guardians or if they become hostile until befriended again. [Referring to a question from Post 4.]

iP: Oh sorry, they will remember guardians that became their friend, and give better outcomes to future dreamers if they choose to befriend them.

Roman_Dude: So like L from death note? [Referring to the voice scramblers, see Post 2.]

iP: Exactly

Roman_Dude: If everyone in the dreamworld went god tier, what would happen to the dreamworld? Would it just continue to exist full of the god tiers, as none of them could leave, or would it get deleted, or what?

iP: If everyone went God tier, the dream worlds will stay. Everyone would be friends forever!

Roman_Dude: Are derrick and alice meant to be pretty much inversions of each other?

iP: Yes, that's how I designed them.

Roman_Dude: Are the kids meant to remind me of chess? Like I'd have derrick for king (commander), lucia as queen (goes anywhere, etc), garry as bishop (hard to use unless you know what you're doing), lucas as a knight (derp), etc?

iP: Not... really. There are some similarities yes, but it doesn't work for everybody.

Roman_Dude: How effective would the command [>Be a past dreamer] be?

iP: Not very... :P

Roman_Dude: Which of the dreamers are the 'coolest'

iP: Probably Garry.

Roman_Dude: I remember something about you saying that you might appear in the story, has that happened yet or are we still waiting?

iP: Waiting

Roman_Dude: Could Daydream or Nightmare just lie about everything?

iP: Sure! But as the author, that's not what's going to/is happening.

Roman_Dude: Could Reggie harm derrick if he wanted to, or is he preprogrammed to not?

iP: Reggie isn't really programmed, he has free will, but he won't hurt Derrick or Lucia for any reason.

Roman_Dude: Do the realm attendants have a personality before they have a formed, or is it influenced by what they become, or what?

iP: No, they are basically like blank slate ghosts, they have no personality or appearance or anything, but they do remember. They base themselves off the first dreamer that enters.

Roman_Dude: So if we went to the death beds, would they have the god tier symbols on them?

iP: Yes.

Roman_Dude: Any chance of a sneak peak at the god tier symbols?

iP: Nope~

Roman_Dude: Could we just kill everyone if we wanted to, or found it necessary?

iP: Yes.

Roman_Dude: How futile is attempting to keep the kids all alive, if Derrick's already somehow dead?

iP: Derrick is not dead. So it's 100% possible

Roman_Dude: If derrick's soul is here, and his body is vacant, then what's controlling it?

iP: That's the question isn't it. Derrick situation is like 2 different out comes operating at the same time. What he would be like God tier, and what he would be like if it never happened. It is still Derrick operating as Nightmare, but it also is still Derrick moving around in the construct. It's pretty trips, but it's meant to be a glitch.

Roman_Dude: How annoying and spoiler-y have these questions been so far?

iP: They're not annoying! This is my favourite part of the adventure, nothing has been really spoilery. though it's hard to explain everything properly in the story alone.

Roman_Dude: Which of the god tiers is your favourite/most powerful?

iP: Alice for sure, second, Derrick, tied with Lucia because they just are equally awesome.

Roman_Dude: Which actors would you have playing which characters if you could have anyone, dead or alive?

iP: Lol no idea.

Roman_Dude: Good job, by the way, this whole story is good and interesting and other nice words.

iP: Thanks a lot!

Post 6[]

royalPawn: [Continued from the question of post 3: "Will we ever find out what happened to Ahn’s eye/what’s she’s hiding under that blanket (if anything)/what her monster friend was like? ...Ok I guess I’m just asking for more Ahn. Can we have more Ahn? ou\\ "] Ok really shouldn't have asked 4 questions at once but...which one(s) are you replying to here?

iP: She will eventually explain her eye. She will not show you what her body looks like if you stay friends with her. You will not know what her monster friend was like (probably won't want to remember) and you can visit Ahn whenever you want to!

royalPawn: To quote the wiki: "When Guardian's die they pass deeper into the darkness to the next dream level; a blackout dream. The Guardian must then figure out that they are still dreaming and return to their body which has appeared before a hostile monster gets there first."

Does the body appear wherever they went to sleep on the first level of darkness, or am I wrong there?

iP: Yes, on the first level. So if they die on level 10, they have to get to level 1.

royalPawn: During the whole Garreth and Alice trying to kill each other bit, some of us were flipping out over the fact that sometimes Alice had bags under her eyes and sometimes she didn't. On this page Garreth told us (more or less) that this is what distinguishes the 'real' Alice from the sentinel, and stated that the 'real' Alice had come out. So if I get this correctly there have been three 'levels' of Alices: the one without bags is (was) the fakey sentinel, the one hanging out with Derrick (and types in yellow) is in-construct Alice and the one in the Event Horizon we've been playing games with (and types in white) is Daydream or the 'real' real Alice.

So the question is: do I understand the facts correctly? (Or, do I understand them correctly with the information given, barring any wild plot twists?)

iP: That was a moment where Daydream was physically interacting. She likes that memory of her first meeting her brother after years the most, so she physically participates. The dream Alice is the one without the bags, but they later switch out after everything becomes calm with Garry. The sentinel idea was so that if anything violent where to happen, it wouldn't have a direct affect on the flow of events. So it was like a scapegoat shield, and luckily it was not needed.

And also, while Daydream is physically interacting, she can change her voice. I think it was done before.

Panur: ... if all the reaper kids are not dead yet, does that mean that we could potentially save them? would that be like some sort of optative mission in a video game? SAVE ALL THE BABIES.

iP: In a way, yes!

Panur: you probably won't want to give us exact numbers, but can you tell us if the still living reaper kids are less than half? I'm guessing on that…

iP: I'd say less than a quarter. [So...either 1 or 2?]

Panur: Is this what monsters would see Bambino as when he expels that creepy aura he'll get in a few more levels?

iP: No, that image was of Bambino using Ira as a weapon too often and she eventually uses him as a bioweapon extension. Making him part shadow with all of Ira's nifty abilities.

Panur: ...What was Raziel conjured out of?

iP: Spoilers :P

Dimensional13: So basically, the whole purpose of this whole lucid dreamer mechanic in the lucidstuck universe is to get potential rulers for some sort of parallel dimensions that are still part of the same world but on a different plane of existence, is that right?

iP: Pretty much, yeah!

Dimensional13: So, is there a reason why only kids and teenagers are lucid dreamers (and why they do grow out of it)?

iP: My idea of it was that of Kid's next door. Adults don't have an "Active" imagination and and become caught up in the real life struggles of... real life. Only kids would be fit to rule a land of make believe.

Dimensional13: Also, is there maybe a reason why also especially human teenagers and kids can be lucid dreamers, or are there maybe a few "alien" dreamers scattered across the void? (Psh, yeah, potential aliens that may or may not exist, Dim13 asks stupid questions again that nobody probably ever thought about :'D)

iP: That's not a stupid question, but in "this" universe there are no alien lucid dreamers.

Dimensional13: Was this system set up by someone or is it just something that kind of happened?

iP: It was set up by someone… [Elaborated on in post 7 and 8.’]

Dimensional13: Also, monsters. We've seen that, with Cujo, animals also can become monsters. But Cujo is the first animal-monster we've seen thus far... So, are monsters that once were animals rarer than monsters that once were human?

iP: Yes. You can tell because they won't be able to speak. but that is not always the case as some human monsters won't/can't speak as well.

RemoteCalamity: is there anything that'll stop a dreamer from entering the darkness, for lets say hunting proposes?

iP: Nope, anyone can go.

RemoteCalamity: what sort of monsters are out there?

iP: Eldritch abominations of course!

RemoteCalamity: what I'm getting at is that I wanna explore the darkness, will we be able to?

iP: Yes.

neferiusNexus: Are dreamers vitally necessary for Realm Attendants? So-far we know they borrow the appearance of their favorite plushie or pet or imaginary friend? (We still don't know what DT is based-on i just realized) So can it be said that they somehow feed off of the imagination of their realm-guardian?

iP: the realm attendants need dreamers to operate. Without a form, they basically just wonder around aimlessly. DT is based off Alice's kitty head plush. They don't need to eat or anything, mostly to give them a use.

neferiusNexus: How long is Eternity? Is it as far back as the dawn of the human psyche when hominid brains were sufficiently developed to create dreams? (and Nightmares) Or as far back as the Big Bang and the incipience of space and time itself.

iP: As mA said, it's pretty much onward... forever. I would consider it's start looping back to it's end, like a ring I guess.

martialAcademic: Do the reaper kid cloaks work on god tiers? Would it slow, stop, or prevent them becoming monsters?

iP: If they're salvageable, yes.

martialAcademic: Do dreamers lose all of their title abilities if they become possessed, or just their conjurations?

iP: Yes. They will not be tied to "the land of the living" anymore and lose the benefits of it. Which means their conjurations will also fade into a puff of logic.

martialAcademic: Can Alice make anybody go into the dream world like she did with Garry, or just dreamers?

iP: Just dreamers, though the only reason that happened was because they are inherently in a dream anyways, so you could consider that Daydream's old self "bleeding" through.

martialAcademic: Can we give boss monsters reaper cloaks when Lucia figures out that ability?

iP: Yes

martialAcademic: You said Nightmare could conjure marshmallows and eat them if he wanted to. Could a dreamer do something like that with any food, without it being permanent?

iP: Yes, though probably Alice only

martialAcademic: Could regular food, like a loaf of bread or something, be made with black creation stone?

iP: Yes

martialAcademic: Would a sonic weapon be viable, or have effects such as deafening if they produce enough decibels?

iP: Yes, disorientation ailments are a thing

martialAcademic: Does the blaze of glory set bonus have a fixed rate of fire, or does it vary depending on the weapon used? For example: will a revolver have the same rate of fire as a belt fed machine gun?

iP: It varies on the weapon used.

martialAcademic: Could I teach the reaper kids how to do a volley with firearms?

iP: Sure? Lol Btw, on that note, the reapers are trainable. You can teach them things. like strategies and plans and formations and code names and stuff.

martialAcademic: Do the reaper kids know we exist at all?

iP: Nope.

martialAcademic: If I combined a sheath or holster to an article of clothing, could it hold a corresponding weapon in an inventory for easy accessibility? Not like Derrick's inventory where he can combine with it, but more like a backpack's inventory. Unless you can combine using a backpack's inventory, in which case that is wonderful.

iP: You can make sheaths and holsters, they will hold one item of a specific item type. If combined with a shirt or pants they will not "fuse" together but will become something as a combination. A holster or sheathe will not fall under a specific item category.

martialAcademic: If we make a clone with black creation stone does it have a soul?

iP: Nope

martialAcademic: If we make a clone with black creation stone would it turn into a monster?

iP: Nope

martialAcademic: If we make a clone of a dreamer with black creation stone would they wake up in the waking world? Sort of like the reverse of the process with god tiering blanking somebody out of existence, would they blink into existence as a twin or something?

iP: Nope, because they were never tied to something there to begin with.

martialAcademic: Can we clone monsters with black creation stone?

iP: Yes

martialAcademic: If we make a clone with black creation stone, what memories does it have? The same as the original?

iP: No memories at all.

martialAcademic: If we make a copy of a combined item with black creation stone will it have the same tier despite not being able to get the base items out of it?

iP: ... I see you're looking for loopholes. Well you found one, I have no way to counteract that without being unfair so if you redraw it it will be considered a basic item. however benefits that are unseen(carried over from past ingredients) will not occur since it would be impossible to draw that.

martialAcademic: Can a realm guardian like Reggie teach people magic, like the reaper kid's healing magic?

iP: If he knew magic, sure. The reapers are trainable.

Q&A 4: Thread VIII[]

Also WIP! :U

Q&A 5: Thread IX[]

Double WIP! :U

Tidbits from Twitch Streams[]

From the stream on 2/6/16


The seven Guardians represent the Seven Capital Sins:

  • Derrick is Greed
    • Greedy for Fear
  • Lucia is Wrath
    • Self-explanatory
  • Alice is Envy
    • Same as above
  • Lucas is Pride
    • He is all about appearances, and is sort of in it to win.
  • Emily is Gluttony
    • A Glutton for Punishment = Priestess of Affliction
  • Garreth is Sloth
    • No explanation given, (will be) self explanatory?
  • Lexii is Lust
    • Self-explanatory