Realm Attendants are spirits of a realm. They have vast knowledge pertaining to its land, and inhabitants. Before a Guardian becomes a lucid dreamer, these realm attendants are shapeless, translucent beings that wander around their respective realms aimlessly. They observe, and they memorize the lay of the land to the best of their ability.

After they've learned all they can about how their land works, they sit and wait. When a sleeping Guardian appears in their home which will appear somewhere in the realm, the attendant will notice, they will make their way to their home and watch them. They will soon begin to transform very slowly into that Guardian's mental imaginary friend. They will learn that guardian's likes, dislikes, interests, social network, age, etc until they're assimilated into their identity. They will acquire a persona based on a dominant trait of that guardian, or a more subtle trait that the Guardian normally doesn't behave as. They will be transformed into an object that signifies familiarity, trust, and companionship that the Guardian holds dear to them. These objects are usually stuffed animals or toys, but they could be just about anything. Once their assimilation is complete, the Realm Attendant patiently awaits the Guardian's awakening.