Realms are depicted as vast lands that hold characteristics similar or relevant to the nature of the Guardian(s) that reside(s) there. In the Lucidstuck universe there are infinite realms in what's known as the void. The void is known to have colossal monstrosities that often exist in the background but could also wander into a nearby realm. Realms have hidden passage ways to neighbouring realms called transition gates which connect them together much like sessions of SBURB from Homestuck. Beyond a single interconnected group of realms exist other groups, or just single realms that have not connected with others yet that exist far beyond any reasonable method of travel. Realms have areas that are called regions that have various qualities that tend to drastically set them apart from the neighbouring region(s). Each Realm has an entity known as a Realm Attendant that watches over and guides all of the guardians of any given Realm, however they are defined in character and appearance by the first Guardian that appears in that Realm and tend to lean towards them for companionship and granting assistance of any kind. Every Realm has an area where a guardian may find their Death Bed. Death bed locations are signified by four tall pillars that can be seen from a very far distance and each realm has as many Death beds as there are Guardians of that particular Realm.

Realm KeysEdit

Realm keys are necessary to open up the "Arena". Each realm has one key that is split up into three pieces. Conquering boss monsters through friendship or violence is the only way to get a piece of the realm keys.

Quotes about realmsEdit

"Realm keys open a dungeon of sorts. If I remember correctly, they come in three different pieces. The boss monsters have some insight of them. We never did open the dungeon yet..."  - Garreth