Reggie the Raven
Guardian Owner Derrick Willford
Realm Land of Murder and Moonlight

Reggie is the Realm Attendant for LOMAM. His appearance was based on a plush raven that Derrick owns. He embodies Derrick's intelligence and free-spirited nature.


Strength Intelligence Dexterity Vitality
25 44 26


Reggie is currently level 4.

Reggie currently has 1 soul.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Passive SkillsEdit

Sneak peek (Sees the items used to make combined items, as well as effects)
Transform (Shapeshifts into the Moonlight blade)

Earned SkillsEdit

(At lv2) Perception (Shows being's stats)
(At lv6) Wings of the Night (Reggie grants Derrick the ability to fly with black bird wings)
(At lv10) Moonlight Blade: Crimson Night.


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