Adorable dragon girl

"Ruu has special language, killkill scary monsters. Also killkill person Ruu think try to hurthurt her."

- Ruu-Andaros

Ruu-Andaros, or Ruu, is a level 72 boss monster of LOCAD. Though she typically appears as a young girl in somewhat strange armor, her true monster form is that of a large brown wyvern, which she will change to when enraged.


In human form, Ruu will use weapons and speech attacks to fight. Her strength and vitality are high, but her intelligence is comparatively low. She is partial to naps, and it is extremely inadvisable to wake her from one as she will likely become enraged upon being forced to do so. She also greatly enjoys collecting shiny things, like a dragon hoarding treasure. She uses any shiny trinkets she comes across to decorate wherever she has set up as home.

Ruu was first encountered upon a trip to Alice's house on LOCAD, where she was found sleeping on the living room floor. She ended up joining the party, which Reggie warned was inadvisable as it gave her access to all the forts, one of which she took up residence in. Thankfully, Derrick and Lucia were able to permanently pacify her during a trip to find her shiny things, despite being derailed by Daesdyne, by creating items from scratch with a piece of creation stone. Upon being pacified, Ruu gifted Derrick with a bottle of Wyvern Tears, which upon being sprinkled on a soul will change it in to a level 72 exquisite soul, and gift the same amount of levels to whomever absorbs it.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Ruu speaks in short, clipped speech, something like a young child's (which is fitting, as she was not very old before becoming a monster). Her speech itself can also be quite deadly- too attack in her human form, she can utter words in a strange language that cause harm to enemies. This does not seem to affect those it is not directed towards, so it is safe to use around allies.