Souls in Lucidstuck are the essence of life and humanity within the dreamers and monsters alike. The dreamers' soul is used to travel the dream world and interact with other souls in that land. When a creature is slain their soul is exposed and hovers above the ground indefinitely until absorbed by a guardian's conjuration/realm attendant. Each soul makes them stronger and are sought after throughout the story's progression.

Soul types Edit

There are two types of soul in Lucidstuck. The first is a normal soul. Most monsters will have this type of soul. They are white in appearance and count as one towards the amount a conjuration/realm attendant needs for leveling up. The second is what's known as an "exquisite" soul. These types of souls vary in colour and are equal to the level of the monster who it belonged to. Absorbing an exquisite soul counts for as many souls as the monster's level was. For example a level 10 monster with an exquisite soul would be worth 10 souls.

Attaining an exquisite soul has very specific requirements. The entity must be either a teammate within the guardian's party or a boss monster. A teammate when killed will drop an exquisite soul worth their level. It should be noted that a Guardian or their conjurations/realm attendants will not do this as they function differently when it comes to death. When a boss monster has been defeated the same will occur, however if the guardian befriended the boss monster, they will give them an item that allows them to "upgrade" a normal soul to an exquisite soul worth that boss monster's level. If Emily is able to successfully exorcise a monster she will be rewarded with an exquisite soul as well.