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Derrick reading TotA

Here will be notes of the various pages of Tales of the Abyss and what to remember from the lore it introduces into the story. Tales of the Abyss is a fictional horror story lent to Derrick by Lexii. The synopsis of the story is a young boy who wakes up suddenly in the middle of a dark forest, he slowly recollects his memories of how he came to be and tries to escape at the same time. Unfortunately there are things that wish to keep him the forest. While in the dreamworld, Tales of the Abyss's story completely changes. It houses background information about the Guardian's current location, no matter where they are in any realm with a helpful image depicting the region.

Tales of the Abyss Excerpts[]

Pertaining to Lomam[]

Pertaining to Locad[]

Pertaining to Loham[]


  • Apparently Derrick may be the only one who can read Tales of the Abyss.
  • Lucas gave Lexii Tales of the Abyss.
  • Daydream wrote Tales of the Abyss. She explains she let it pass to Lucas through events to eventually reach Derrick.
  • According to Daydream, Tales of the Abyss "writes itself".
  • Garreth says that Tales of the Abyss may be a metaphor about the Unknown Entity.
  • Pertaining to this Page:
    • Lucas was given Tales of the Abyss by a friend.
    • Garreth knows something about Tales of the Abyss although having not read it.
    • Tales of the Abyss does not have a name of an author.