Tinkerskull is Garreth's Conjuration, she embodies emotion and liveliness of Garreth. She was conjured based on Garreth's messenger bag. Tinkerskull has a strong supportive attitude towards Garreth, and refers to him as "Sir" almost always out of respect.


Strength Intelligence Dexterity Vitality
30 52 82 90

Tinkerskull is currently level 4.

Tinkerskull currently has no souls.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Passive SkillsEdit

Storage (gains 9 inventory slots, items can only be used by Skully unless in a safe place)
Tips (Tells detailed information about an item)
Item Affinity (Items in storage have a beneficial effect on Skully)

Earned SkillsEdit

(At lv2) Fairy Dust (Tinkerskull sprinkles some magical fairy dust on allies which heals them for +50HP.)
(At Lv6) Fairy Combat Prowess(Tinkerskull becomes more talented with weapons and can wield larger single handed weapons.)
(At lv10) Fairy Helm (Tinkerskull can transform into a hellish skull helmet to protect Garreth from harm. He can also gain Skully's combat skills from this.)


  • Tinkerskull's name was suggested by Spraken, based of Tinkerbell from Peter pan.
  • Tinkerskull's nickname was suggested by FurryKittens, based of Dana Scully from the X-files.
  • Interestingly Tinkerskull's nickname, Skully is a derivative the last name Scully. Which when translated mean scholar or scribe.
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