Traits are the second half of a Guardian's title. Traits are utilized by a Guardian's class in a specific manner which varies depending on the Guardian. There are countless possibilities of things traits can do. For example, a guardian with the fear trait depending on the scope of its class uses fear in a variety of different ways. A knight, one who protects and uses one's trait offensively, combined with fear may be able to use fear to defeat their enemies and use fear to protect their allies. There may be a variety of outcomes in itself, but the point of traits is for an output of a guardian's power however it may be.

Guardian Traits Edit

Below are examples of traits specifically from the Guardians introduced so far.

Fear Edit

- The terrible feeling of being afraid, being scared can cause one to hesitate, scream, or even lash out. The Fear trait is very powerful in the sense of its extremely deep potential to find what one is afraid of.

Dusk Edit

- Darkness, ambiguity, unknown. Dusk is the hidden trait. Relates to an absence of knowledge, minimal visibility and unknown potential, a very mysterious trait.

Illusion Edit

- What you see, hear, think, know. All of these things can be toyed with from illusions. One might seem a certain way, but have a different agenda in mind all the time. Illusions tend to be what's right in front of you.

Dawn Edit

- Light, truth, energy. Dawn can be seen has the unveiling trait. Shines light on darkness, reveals what's hidden, shows what's true.

Hope Edit

- The sliver 0.1% chance of a favorable outcome and getting it. Hope has to do with faith, chance, believing in something that seems ridiculous, insane, or just stupid. Hope can cause miracles to happen.

Doom Edit

- Destruction, chaos, entropy. Doom is the demise of all that is good. Extremely dangerous trait in the wrong hands can lead to their own demise.

Affliction Edit

-Damage, pain, suffering. This trait brings misery and woe physically mentally or emotionally. causes grief and destroys motivation.

Nature Edit

- The natural world.Nature represents the natural state of all things.Things that fall under this trait are animals,plants,soil,water and so on.Thuse a guardian with this trait would have the ability to understand and manipulate nature depending on their class.


  • Some of the former guardian's aspects were mentioned by Kalem : Disaster and Remorse.
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