Vanity Edit


Vanity is the second boss monster in LoHaM, she appears as a tall woman wearing a blank mask, she appears to have had her face torn off, due to the blood coming from the sides of her mask and down her neck, she wears two black hairclips, an oversized, worn white shirt and a single white slipper.


Vanity was first heard of from reggie, who gives a basic description of her from the group, Vanity is first seen later on when Derrick is watching a movie with the group, Vanity joins in on the movietime and whispers some sweet nothings into Derrick's ear, after the movie Derrick heads back to check his dream journal, Vanity follows derrick, reveals her name and threatens to kill him, Derrick gets to the guest room, checks the dream journal, but it turns out he's still awake, Vanity pulls out a knife and is about to attack Derrick when Alice enters the room, when she does Vanity vanishes.

Some time later, vanity appears behind Lucas when he starts dreaming, Lucas starts mocking vanity, calling her a 5 year old and a lost little girl, Lucas bullies Vanity into starting to cry and she escapes.

A long time after, Vanity appears  again to Derrick and Lucia while they were gathering Black Creation Stone, Lucia makes a funny rock joke to get a piece of BCS, this makes Vanity laugh, alerting the pair to her presence, Ira tries sensing vanity, but for some reason she can't, Vanity expresses desire to harm Derrick, but wouldn't do it because he wasn't alone.

Later, when Lexii dies to Zendo's trap, Vanity can be heard expressing desire to possess Lexii.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Vanity has a large serrated knife hidden in one of her sleeves, she can appear in the waking world by unknown means and can't be sensed by Ira's aura sensing skill.

Vanity appears insecure, falling for Lucas' teasing and breaking into tears, she enjoys stalking people as a passtime, she claims to be 12 years old.