Lucid website

The main page of Lucidstuck Website

The Lucidstuck Website is a site serving as a mirror to a MS Paint Fan Adventure of the same name. Its main page can be found here.

It is currently incomplete and has only completed mirroring until page 2.

It is under editing by a user named Reggie Raven.

Despite the barebones setting due to the website that was just up in the 27th of December, several features has been added, such as Disqus and chapter categories.

Notes from Neferius Edit

"So this comes as a surprise even to myself, but my obsession love for this fandom has driven me to despair and constant fear of rejection somehow attempting to build a proper home for this great adventure we've all screamed erratic and confusing commands into IP's ear been a part of for almost 4 years now.

So in the interest of desperately building backlinks to get Google-sempai to notice me letting anyone who might still be watching this site, or who just stumbled across this community know, here it is:"