Whyss Edit


Whyss is a monster found on Lomam's lost woods, it has the appearance of a tall, slender undead man, it wears black shorts, and wrappings on its elbows and forehead, the skin surrounding its right eye, arm and leg appear to be peeling off, revealing dark skin underneath.

Dark whyssEdit


This is Whyss's second form, it sheds out the remainder of its skin and becomes a shadow-type monster, becoming stronger and obtaining a dagger called crimson whyss.


Lexii encounters Whyss while venturing into the lost woods seeking monsters to do battle with and become stronger, Whyss gets the first hit with its sound blast attack, hermes attacks whyss, lexii tries to attack but is interrupted by whyss' sound attack, forcing her to cover her ears, noticing the decreased effectivity of its attacks, Whyss enters its second form , becoming stronger and louder, this alerts Lucia and she swoops in to save the day, she commands the reapers to attack Dark Whyss and heal lexii and hermes simultaneously, subsequently, Dark Whyss turns around to face Lucia, Lucia tells Hermes to take the oppportunity and attack from behind, while Lucia blasts it with black haze. Dark Whyss dies and drops its crimson whyss weapon for the kids to take.

Personality and traitsEdit

Whyss seemed eager to oblige to lexii's combat challenge, whyss' main trait are its loud sound based attacks.


Unfortunately, Whyss died without us checking its stats, so they remain unknown.