"You must fight. Show me your will to live. I won't enjoy it otherwise!"

- Zendo

Zendo is a zombie ninja that was introduced during the groups excursion through the Misty Marshes.

Zendo is the first boss monster introduced in Lomam. He appears as an zombie in a dark blue trench coat with wild grey hair with the top of his skull showing. He wears a green band that covers his left eye socket and wears black pants and boots with his bones showing.

Biography Edit

Zendo is a decently difficult foe in Lomam, with his skills in traps he's able to cause extensive damage without putting himself in the way as well as making fast a get-away when things get problematic. He is a wanderer, never tied to one region making his encounters unpredictable. He enjoys fighting as a pastime and seems to have no will to leave the realm. Since his fight with Derrick, Zendo has lost his thirst for battle, and seems lost with no drive for anything, so now he finds himself still wandering only with the intent on discovery of the external and internal.

Personality and traits Edit

Zendo has a thirst for combat and seeks out any challengers to test his own might, he has a variety of tricks and traps that he uses at his discretion but primarily wields his Boomerblade, a weapon that can be thrown and returned. Since his fight with Derrick he has lost his weapon, but it may soon be returned.

Stats Edit

Strength Dexterity Intelligence Vitality
200 250 1000 800

Zendo is currently level 37

Trivia Edit